If we adhere to violence we act against the holy Jewish Law: ‘That Which You Hate, Do Not Inflict On Your Neighbour’. We then carry a heavy burden; the burden of working against ourselves by poisoning the air we breathe with thick militarist words of hate.

Thus, I see Peace as our holy obligation in creating a place for nations to thrive not on ‘advanced modernism’, but on the Godly power in each other’s eyes, and the nourishing compassion that runs in our veins. Non-violence is our true essence and our guide.

Can you envision a living non-violence amongst all mankind? It is possible. We have achieved this before. We have healed ourselves before, and have made our Gods proud.

18 July 2012.

By © Gil Dekel. Inspired by Natan’s teachings as they appear in pages 44 and 324 in his Book ‘Balev U Nefesh’ (read the book here).