Led by Gil and Natalie Dekel, Reiki Masters/Teachers, on Friday 21 Nov 2014, 9.00pm GMT (livestream ‎‏#‏‎18).‎

Why people are here? – What can we do to calm the mind? How to stop ‘leaking out’ energy? What is ‎the Well of Stillness?..‎ These questions and others are answered in this channeling session.‎

Gil: Hello, as you can see, Natalie has her eyes closed as she’s already in a state of meditation: ‎channeling higher wisdom, the higher self. We find that it easier when Natalie closes her eyes while ‎we channel. I usually channel the ‘space’ around us. ‎

First we will answer the question: why we’re here? Why human-beings are here on the planet, ‎what’s the purpose?‎

Natalie: We have such busy lives. We are constantly running after one thing or another trying to ‎achieve so many things… and yet it seems endless, isn’t it?‎

To answer this question we need to understand that the human body is a vehicle, an opportunity for ‎life to live itself through it. So when we think we live our lives, in reality, life lives us, through the body. ‎It lives through your heart. You do not beat your heart, it beats for you; you only observe it… ‎

The same thing with your lungs. You do not expand and contract them consciously. You can control it ‎of course, but the force behind the technicality, the energy that flows through your body, the one that ‎you can observe indicates that for all purposes life lives you; you’re merely an observer of what is ‎happening. ‎

When you start to think about it from that perspective, your understanding of life is changing. You no ‎longer live your life in terms of limited pursuit of small, individual goals. It becomes more a matter of: ‎‎‘this is my light. How can I manifest it for the highest good? How can I live this life to the fullest ‎potential?’‎

And this is when the awareness of yourself as a being of light, comes forward. Understanding that ‎we’re beings of light is the first thing that’s important. And of course, honesty towards yourself. When ‎you are being honest with yourself you can then say: ‘okay, I’ve had these experiences so I can ‎manifest certain values, certain lessons.’‎

We don’t really learn here. We don’t come to earth to learn. We already knew that before we came; ‎we come to manifest, to experience and spread the light; spread the energy that flows through you.‎

This particular energy that goes through you is unique to you. It’s individual expression of a supreme ‎being, a universe, life, whatever you want to call it. And you have responsibility towards this ‎uniqueness so you cannot live someone else’s life nor can you tell someone else how to live their life. ‎Your responsibility is above all to your own light – to be this light, to manifest it, to find ways to expand ‎it.‎

It’s not as selfish as some of you may think. On the contrary, by loving yourself, exploring your abilities, ‎your talents, your light within, you affect many people, beings, nature, and your living breathing space ‎around you by simply changing your thinking, simply being who you are. This is how it was meant to ‎be.‎

Just as molecules do not concern themselves about is it selfish to be oxygen or hydrogen; rather they ‎simply respond, react, absorb, and work in relations with other elements. And they create, ‎continuously create. It’s a work of creation.‎

The small goals that you set in your life, when you use your mind as the only source of your being, such ‎as: go to university, get a better-paid job; these goals are not long-term manifestations of your being. ‎It’s one small aspect that can be easily changed one way or another, depending on what you’re trying ‎to manifest. You are an organic living entity of light.‎

Gil: If we are organic and can change, why do we come here at all? Why bother?‎

Natalie: Because this is the ultimate laboratory for experiencing such a way of living. Each one is unique ‎to that particular environment. So your environment is unique to you and to your abilities.‎

Gil: We have a few questions from the viewers. The first question: how can I get rid of chronic ‎fatigue? What must I do to become free of this condition?‎

Natalie: Chronic fatigue is chronic tiredness of the condition in which you found yourself or perhaps ‎have been in the past. Strong resistance to outward forces that make you feel helpless; stranded.‎

We all are beings of energy. If you are a body of energy, you cannot be losing energy or lacking energy, ‎in truth. Think about the 2nd law of Newton, where energy doesn’t disappear. However, as physical ‎beings, we can use our minds to ‘leak out’ energy which means that we are giving energy to concerns, ‎people, and beings. This makes us feel that they are overpowering us or controlling us. This can cause ‎chronic fatigue if it carries on for a long time.‎

The best way to release this condition is first to acknowledge; to focus on the self within. Look inside ‎yourself. Take time every day for a few minutes to sit and observe your breathing, your being within. ‎Find that stillness, that energy inside that is full to the brim with energy. ‎

When you do that, train your mind not to jump to other thoughts, other people or places. Simply ‎contain within yourself the energy by breathing. Contain yourself like a battery.‎

The more you practice it, the more you will feel that you have more and more energy afterwards. You ‎can try to use the breath to increase the energy inside you. For example, if you allow the energy, the ‎breath, to come into your heart, hold it for a moment and then push it all the way down to the base ‎chakra at the bottom of your being. Release it strongly and then wait a minute, feel your body and ‎allow it to fill your stomach, and then breathe it out in short durations – a bit like yoga breathing. ‎Several times… Take a deep breath, feel your heart and feel the energy in your body. Observe how ‎you’re filling your body with energy, a bit like a battery recharging. You will feel more energetic and ‎you will be able to stop your mind from leaking out energy.‎

Try to realize that nothing and no one has power over you, only you. You can control yourself, you can ‎control your energy; you can be drawing energy from anyone and anything. You can choose not to leak ‎it out. It is in your power.‎

Gil: One of the challenges is how to stop the mind from constantly chattering…‎

Natalie: Focus on the breathing. Focusing on that alone, breathing and feeling the energy in whatever ‎space you can call it. You can visualize a colour or a sound, or anything to stop the mind.‎

Gil: We have a technique to ‘work’ together with the mind, when the mind keeps running non-stop ‎‎(‘The Pause’ click here). ‎

Another question from a viewer: What is the best decision for me; to continue or stop my current ‎romantic relationship?‎

Natalie: You are made of energy, the energy that has no time, and that has been here for thousands ‎and millions of years. What you need to do is be still for a moment. Visualize a pool of stillness inside ‎you and then imagine that you’re going to drop the subject into that well of stillness. If, for example, ‎you want to stay in the relationship, then ‘drop’ that subject into that pool and see what the energy ‎feels like, the feeling that comes from it. If this feeling you’re getting is ‘no, I don’t like it. It doesn’t ‎feel right’ then the answer is no. If it feels right, calm, happy feeling, the answer is yes. If you can’t ‎hear the answer, do it again… and listen to yourself, listen to your body. You have all the answers ‎already. You simply need to listen.‎

Gil: Some people ask specific question, as in: should I do this or that?… but we don’t give a definite ‎answer. Instead, we’re giving them tools to find the answers within them.‎

Natalie: Yes. Everything you do in life is correct. There are no mistakes. Even the experience that you ‎think was a mistake, you look back and you will realize that it has brought you to where you are now, ‎and it has given you strength and the tools to deal with what is coming next.‎

You are guided by so many guides, family, loved ones. You are supported. And the time when you ‎don’t feel it is when you’re supported most because you’re so in your mind you stop feeling it.‎

Listen to your heart. If something comes from your heart, you will know that it’s the right one.‎

Gil: The next question is about a community center. She’s asking where specifically the land will be ‎for the community centre, when will it happen and what advice she needs?‎

Natalie: You are building up a process stage by stage. It all depends on the chemistry and relationships ‎you create with people along the way. It is possible that with one person who will invest in your ‎project, you will find everything you need. ‎

I would say you need to seek legal advice. Look also for support groups that may help and work ‎together with you. You will know that you are guided, and in your heart you already feel exactly why ‎you’re not there yet, so try to be patient and honest. It will come at the right time for you. There are ‎quite a lot of people, beings, animals involved and it’s important to do it at the right time and you ‎know that so patience, my love.‎

Gil: The next question: what can you tell me about the soul connection between me and my mother ‎before incarnating?‎

Natalie: All the people you know in this lifetime are those you’ve been in various relationships before, ‎in different roles throughout different lifetimes. Your relationship with your mother is not just one life ‎time.‎

At the moment, you’re exploring issues of responsibility and forgiveness. There’s also an issue of ‎balance and power. You are both strong individuals, very strongly believing in what is right, and the ‎need is to work together with these beliefs, finding a way of working in a flexible way around each ‎other, with each other.‎

If you see her perspective (whatever the ‘her’ is, either side of that relationship) – see if from another ‎pair of shoes, so to speak. Step into her shoes and feel what she thinks. At the end of the day, you ‎both want the same things, using different words and from different perspectives.‎

This is the main aspect of your relationship this lifetime. The most significant influence on your current ‎life is the other life in northwest America – what you can say now is Native Americans.‎

The choice of mother-daughter relationship is about trust and knowing that at the end you’re there to ‎be with each other. The intrinsic being linked from body and genes at this lifetime helps you to release ‎some of the tension and then acquire new situations. It’s all part of forgiveness and of acquiring trust.‎

Gil: The last question is from a lady who met someone 6 months ago, someone who she dearly loves ‎but he has to go back to the United States and wants her to join him. She loves him, but doesn’t want ‎to leave her children behind, even though they are grown and independent. ‎

Natalie: The question here is not the children as such but rather: what is it that you fear of? When we ‎need to make a major decision that takes us outside our comfort zone, we can say that it is because of ‎this or that. But the real question is: is it fear speaking; fear because you don’t want to move into the ‎new? Because you don’t want to be hurt again? Don’t want to be abandoned? You want to have a ‎backup, to stay in a familiar environment?‎

Again, I would recommend to sit down quietly so you can concentrate just on being and breathing, and ‎then imagine this well of pure stillness… and visualize yourself going to live in America. This method ‎can be used for any subject, whether it about stress, or a centre you want to build, relationship or ‎anything else; even a bill you need to pay.‎

So, you drop the subject into that stillness and feel as if you’ve already done it. How does it feel? ‎You’re with the person in the new place. If it feels right then it’s okay. Even if it feels neutral, hopeful, ‎or something positive perhaps; you’re not quite sure? It’s still all right.‎

If you put it inside the stillness and it feels ‘hmm…I feel contraction of the muscles, some kind of ‎resistance’ or a strong negative response – then it’s not right for you. You’re not responding because ‎of fear, it’s definitely not the right thing.‎

No one outside of you can tell that, as you already know the answer and you already probably made ‎your decision.‎

Now, the question is also about being honest. If you don’t want to lose the relationship, it’s important ‎to be honest and explain it to your partner. If you feel that this is the answer, then speak about it. ‎There are many different choices that can be made, different decisions, and different solutions to any ‎single situation. There’s no such thing as hopeless situation.‎

On every situation you are in there would be another solution you didn’t think about.‎

So I encourage everyone to first listen to that inner space in you. Most of you already know the ‎answers; just as if I would offer you a certain food, say, Italian food. Some of you would say, ‘Yay, I ‎love it.’ Others would say, ‘Oh no, not for me.’ You will know immediately…‎

It’s the same with everything else in life. You know the answers. Your body is the barometer of your ‎soul. You were here for thousands of years and the awareness is rising, the energy is rising. You all feel ‎this division between the physical and the spiritual realms getting thinner. It is time to take your power ‎in your hands and remember who you are. Remember that you have tremendous powers. You have ‎tremendous influences. ‎

Many of you can even affect the weather without knowing it just by the thoughts, the energy you ‎exude outwards. If you feel turbulent, if you feel upset for a long time, it won’t be surprising if you will ‎find that the weather reflects that kind of situation, or that a political event in the area also reflects ‎that. ‎

Listen to your beings, and take in your own powers. You are more powerful than you can imagine. I ‎wish you all the best. I will always love and support you wherever you are at any moment of your life, ‎at any time. You are never ever alone.‎

Gil: Thank you very much. You can find some healing resources for you on ‎PoeticMind.co.uk/wellbeing. We shall see you on our next livestream channeling session.‎

26 Nov 2014.
‎© Natalie and Gil Dekel.‎