By Natalie and Gil Dekel, Reiki Masters and Teachers.

We are so used to struggle and to live in continuous opposing forces that we do not sense ‎peace even when it finds us. Conflicting energies are tearing us to-and-fro in our daily lives, ‎and so when a moment comes where the universe’s bubble engulfs us with love, we do not ‎feel it…‎

The universe opens up a Pause when we struggle, allowing us to enter the peace that is ‎everywhere and everything. There is an initial sensation of vacuum feeling, so to speak, in ‎which the music of the universe starts to play. But to hear that music and to feel its love, we ‎need to be in the Pause. We need to pause our mind from its non-stop chattering and ‎worrying, and we need to move into simply Being – Be Present, Be Feeling, Be Aware of who ‎we are.‎

To do so we need to understand how our brain works. The human brain is the intellectual ‎aspect of our being. In your day to day events and situations the brain backs-up every action ‎you do. It is like a computer in a way – for every website that you browse, your computer ‎creates history list and temporary files. This is what your brain does… It creates history list ‎and stores temporary files. The brain, and with it the ego, are ruled by thoughts, which in ‎human case, are based on cause and effect, on struggle, and on backed-up material from ‎the past.‎

The Pause - by Gil Dekel

‘The Pause’ – photo by ©‎ Gil Dekel

In the Pause, the brain and the ego tend to panic, because they do not know what to do… In ‎the Pause there is no need for back-up material or struggle, because you are at peace and ‎you have all the tools you will ever need at your disposal. This threatens the essence of the ‎brain, and so most of us would try to escape with ‘urgent’ thoughts, such as: I am not ‎interested in this situation; What shall I do next?; What can I achieve?; What can I eat?…‎

The good news is that the Pause is already in the matter, in physical life. It is the matter of ‎the universe. It is what underlines the essence of everything you do. You are in the Pause at ‎all times, and the external waves of disturbances are just that – external layers. These ‎layers are not who you truly are.‎

So to feel that Pause, which you are already a part of, you simply need to help your brain. ‎Help it understand that it will not be ‘out of work’… on the contrary, there would be ‎interesting work for it to do, if you allow yourself to be in that space, in that point of the ‎universe. The brain will then have to ground and absorb the information coming from love. ‎The brain will be exposed to infinite amazing information on every subject that would need ‎to be grounded and applied into reality, if only you could be in that Pause. You can ensure ‎your brain that it will still be useful and even more useful. It has nothing to worry about…‎

In truth the brain is not solving anything in your reality. The only one who solves problems is ‎your heart. The brain only brings forward back-up material, and so it is full with ‘cookies’, ‎broken files, and history of your researches. It has nothing to do with solutions or inventions. ‎It has nothing to do with application and geniuses – these come from the heart, not from the ‎brain. ‎

Your understanding of the heart is misconstrued. The heart is not just about romantic pink ‎love of sitting under a tree and holding hands; that is only a miniscule part of it. The heart ‎has a deeper being in that space of creation, the manifestation of your reality. If your heart ‎does not work, no matter how active the brain is, you will not survive. ‎

You have two hearts, the lower heart and the higher heart. At the moment all of us have ‎their higher hearts being re-awakened into existence. We are starting to connect the ‎intellectual with the higher abilities, in this fabric of the universe.‎

The resistance is what causes problems in your life. The resistance to change and to ‎acknowledge your true self. We have been so long playing roles, that now it is time to let it ‎go we find it difficult to become who we truly are. This is a bit like a child going to sleep in ‎their costumes. They love it, even if the costume might be uncomfortable or does not fit ‎them, still they will wear it. ‎

It is now time to let the layers go, let resistance dissolve. Be who you truly are in your ‎abilities. Start manifesting in the Pause.‎

13 Nov 2014‎.
‎© Natalie and Gil Dekel‎