Dear god, I know I don’t pray often and I know I haven’t prayed any time lately. I’m. Sorry for that and I ask you to forgive me for that and other sins I have committed. Usually when I do pray I am always asking you help me in some way but this time I’m not asking for help for myself. I would like you to if you could, help my mother and sister. They each have their own problems in life that they’re struggling with. My mother has just had all her money stolen from her and has no way to pay any of the bills. She is more stressed out then she normally is. I’m no good with feelings or crying or touching. So all I could do was just stand by and feel bad and not know what to in this situation. My younger sister I think she might be in a bad relationship like my mother was in with our father. Our father was an abusive drunk, so my mother left him when I was 2. Except she isn’t even dating this boy she just lives with him. There have been signs. Im really worried about her. She even called my mom at two something in the morning today and him and her were arguing as my mom was still on the phone. Some of the things she was screaming at him were kind of scary. My sister is a really strong and smart woman. So, it was hard to even picture that something like that could even be happening to her. My mom and I got in the car quick and drove to wear she lives(not far from us). When she got in the car she just seemed different then usual. Some of things she says it’s just too weird the guy she’s living with, she NEVER calls him by name and they did use to date. She just uses words like he or him. He’s the only person she addresses like that. So god please help my sister and keep her safe from harm. God please help my mother so she won’t have to struggle so much and won’t be so stressed out. thank you for all that you do for me In my everyday life. Amen