VOLUME 2   |   ISSUE 2   |   14 FEB 2024   |   ISSN 2977-1811
COVER: Art facilitates perspective change, compassion deepening, and new relational skills. As such it has the power to shape human evolution.

COVER ART: Gil Dekel and AI.


By Natalie Dekel and Gil Dekel

What makes us a unique species, as opposed to a creativity that can be manufactured with technology?


By Sajeetha Kannan

Solutions based on designs we see in nature


Charlotte Gullick, MFA, and Melinda Rothouse, PhD

Creativity is a force driving community innovation and resilience

By Katarina Đošan

Interpreting art and finding inspiration

By Katarina Đošan

Tradition, nature’s resilience and creative alchemy


By Gil Dekel

How to attune to your inner creativity

By Marina Mandušić

Language’s role in shaping thought through metaphor

By Mary Attwood

Engaging with art through ekphrasis deepens perception, imagination and interpretation

By Colleen Josephson

Adaptability, creativity and sustainability in soil batteries research

By Matt Manley

Non-linear storytelling, ambiguity, emotion and the human figure

By Sajeetha Kannan

Nature fuels creativity

By Trinity Johnson

Yielding a transformative beauty

By Gary Lachman and Gil Dekel

Esoteric traditions, imagination, and free will

By Joyce Raimondo and Gil Dekel

Creativity’s evolution through experimentation and intuition

By Vlad Glăveanu and Gil Dekel

An inquiry process based on a state of not-knowing

By Ememem and Gil Dekel

a low-tech artistic repair process that transforms the ‘wounds’ of the streets

Journal of Creativity and Inspiration
ISSN 2977-1811
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