A new form of creativity

14 February 2024 – Vol 2, Issue 2.

Over the years, the practice of art has changed from traditional craftsmanship to ‘techmanship’ (integrating technologies). These days, art focuses on delivering messages of community that connect people to each other and to the earth. As creativity operates in the realm of the humaneness of people, art becomes a living ecosystem for communities. It becomes the glue that holds societies together; a new channel for awareness, and for ideas to manifest.

woman nature

Art as a tool to re-imagine. Image: ‘Woman Nature’ in public domain.


In a space where we all are invited to participate, art helps people to change perspectives, deepen their compassion, and learn to relate to each other in new ways. This trend will increase in the upcoming years. As technology will evolve further, so questions will rise about how humanity can work alongside that technology. What makes us a unique species, as opposed to a creativity that can easily be manufactured with modern technologies? What can we contribute to each other and to the earth? These new questions will bring new awareness, and will link old ways of looking at arts and science with new theories about the connection of mind and matter.

How can this new form of creativity be used as a tool to shape society and bring its evolution. How can it operate despite the jagged edges of old thought structures and the differences between people.

Art helps us plant the seed of new structures… It helps us build a better healthier community.

Please continue to contribute to this journal. Bring in more food for thought and creativity to share around and to inspire the world.

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Image from esvisionaria, in public domain.

About the authors

Natalie Dekel, MPhil, B.Ed, BA, is a fully certified hypnotherapist (dip HSOH), Reiki Master/Teacher, Yoga Teacher and visionary artist. She has been offering healing and guidance since 2007. Natalie is the co-author of the ‘Energy Book’.

Gil Dekel is a doctor in Art, Design and Media, specializing in processes of creativity and inspiration. He is a University lecturer, visionary artist, Reiki Master/Teacher, and co-author of the ‘Energy Book’. He was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Coin, in recognition of his dedication and commitment to pastoral work at Hampshire Constabulary.