Model of The Wheel Co-Creation - Barbara Marx Hubbard

by Gil Dekel, PhD.

The Synergy Engine (SE) is an idea that Barbara Marx Hubbard came up with: a place on the internet where people would post their best ideas, their best insights and specific information that they have about programs and projects that are already working well.

Barbara’s idea is to create a powerful planetary networking platform, which is unlike any other forum groups available today online. The idea is so simple, yet has an inner value to it. On its face the Synergy Engine is based on the belief that if there is a problem somewhere, there is a solution available somewhere else. More so, someone has not just found a solution, but also tried it out and proved that it works. The Synergy Engine will become a global brain containing proven solutions, for anyone to access, share, and use. However, there is another level to the Synergy Engine which makes it so unique: the belief that every single person on this planet has a direct influence on the evolution of the whole human race…

This belief is explained in Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book ‘The Mother of Invention: The Legacy of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Future of You.’ Neale says that the Synergy Engine will not just bring together all the world’s wonderful ideas and solutions, rather it will bring new reasons for sharing and applying those solutions, based on people’s innate power to affect the evolution of the human race.

Portrait of Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder of 'Foundation for Conscious Evolution' and initiator of 'The Synergy Engine', 'The Wheel of Co-Creation' and 'The Peace Room'.

Barbara Marx Hubbard, founder of ‘Foundation for Conscious Evolution’ and initiator of ‘The Synergy Engine’. (Drawn from photograph.)

Neale explains that each one of us has far more powers to influence reality than we know. Apparently, there is a direct link between what we think and how people react to us. And this, in turn, shapes how we develop in our private and professional life, and how people around us evolve. We all seem to influence each other, and if we could see the bigger picture we would then see how the ‘small’ events in our daily lives have a design in the fabric of the total-life.

The Synergy Engine will facilitate a platform for us to see the bigger picture. For example, when a ‘simple’ idea that you have seen working in your local community turns into a much-needed solution for big problems in other parts of the world, then the true nature of human interaction is revealed: the nature of creative and poetic minds interconnecting for the purpose of elevating the human race (through simple sharing of ideas). In that way, using the Synergy Engine, people will come at a new awareness about who they are in relation to each other, and will see more clearly the reason or purpose that they have in influencing the future of the mankind. With such celebration of creativity, people will soon realise their immense powers of sharing solutions that make the voice of everyone heard, and also benefit others on a global scale.

While we already have global communication, The Synergy Engine will be the first organized global collaboration (which is communication with a clear intention of producing coherency). However, as Neale states clearly, for people to understand better how their minds and thoughts are already creative and affecting reality on local and global scale, we need to start by first asking ourselves: who am I? Why am I here? What do I intend to do on this planet?

But, how can we go about asking such big questions? Where should we start? There are many tools to start develop your creative thinking. I have studies a few methods that help develop solutions-oriented minds, and I suggest motivation and awareness workshops as a safe starting point. There are many other schools offering other consciousness tools.

Concept Wheel of Co-Creation, showing the intersections and cross disciplines on the wheel's sections. This model was devised by Gil Dekel based on Barbara Marx Hubbard's idea

Concept of the Wheel of Co-Creation, focusing on the intersections and cross disciplines on the wheel’s sections. This model was devised by Gil Dekel based on Barbara Marx Hubbard’s idea

The Synergy Engine is still an idea, and is not yet operating. Its publications in Neale’s book will definitely inspire many to start seek ways to develop it. I have asked Neale what it takes now to start up the Engine and its website. Once I get a reply from Neale I will post it here. It is envisioned that the Synergy Engine will be operated by volunteers in a so-called ‘Peace Room’, which is another creative idea by Barbara Marx Hubbard.

Concept of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s 'Peace Room’ (by Gil Dekel)

Concept of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s ‘Peace Room’ (illustration and concept © Gil Dekel.)

Barbara explains that governments have war rooms where they map areas of conflicts on the planet. Taking this model and using a positive-thinking, Barbara came up with the idea of a Peace Room, where volunteers will map all projects that are working well in the world and will connect between people that came up with solutions and those that require those solutions. The Peace Room will also be the centre of the Synergy Engine website, where all data coming in will be processed and catalogued in the Engine using a model, which Barbara calls ‘The Wheel of Co-Creation’.

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Wheel of Co-creation- by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

‘Model of Barbara Marx Hubbard ’s Wheel of Co-creation’. Digital artwork and model concept by © Gil Dekel, 2011.

The Wheel of Co-Creation will be divided to different specialities, such as governance, education, technology, medicine, science, arts, and spirituality. However, the segmented sections are not meant to divide but rather to do just the opposite – to create a mechanism that demonstrates intersection, cross discipline, and cross-sectoral relations. Barbara explains that this will allow for people to see clearly how the whole system operates using its ‘separate’ sections as a one unified whole. This will produce potential where before there were only problems.

© Gil Dekel. 16 February 2011.
Last update 11 July 2013.

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