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Dear God,

Oh Lord, my God! I could not imagine life without You. You lift me up when I’m down, You carry me well when I’m tired but how come in this life you gave; I couldn’t do anything to stop hurting You. I’m a stubborn child of God though you saved me and told me not to turn back but I enjoyed being bad.

I hope to meet you someday, I hope to see you smiling at me. Oh Lord, my God! I missed you terribly. My soul is moving away but I don’t even want you to let go of me. Please Lord don’t leave me, don’t ever give up on me.

Me  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

I was once asked by a friend that if I will be given the heavenly chance to have a personal chat with you Lord, what would be my probable question to you. At that time I answered her that I would probably ask you what is the purpose of my life here on Earth. My friend told me that my question is so serious that you God will probably not answer me. I just smiled at her and told her that you God would not probably answer me directly but would find ways to manifest your answer in my daily life. I just would have to find out what are those clues and manifestations.

For so many years God, I nurture the thought that you are telling me something. Much to my chagrin however, up to this time I still had not figure out my real purpose in life. You see, I grew up feeling that I am useless unless I excel in everything I do. My parents made me feel that way. When I garnered accolades and awards, they shower me with praise and recognitions. However, every time I am near failure, they made me feel I am insignificant unless I strive to do better. However, I find no real exaltation whenever I get awards. I felt empty. Maybe I had missed your clues God or you might have decided to let me discover it on my own. Whatever it is, I hope that through your divine intervention, I would somehow realize the real purpose of my life God.

Ellen  –  9 June 2012.

Dear Lord,

Words cannot express how much I am grateful to You for every thing You have done for me. I have my faults and yet, I cannot believe that You are still there for me and unconditionally loving me. Even if I fail You at times, You never fail to bless me and work miracles in my life. I hope to be able to serve You and others better.

Corrales  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

I would really like to thank you for the world. When I feel like it’s hard to get by I look at the sky and the trees and they always help me remember how blessed I am; how blessed you’ve made me. In my trials and tribulations I could always turn to you and you would make me see sense. I want to thank you for the amazing family I have; the one you have bestowed on me, and the life that you have given me.

There is not a day that goes by that I can’t see your love. I live everyday wishing that I could be closer to you, and truly remember, in every moment that you are the only maker, the only true thing that shapes the world I live in. I take comfort in the fact that when I die I will continue to live with you forever in Heaven. I am grateful for the beautiful people you have surrounded me with and the wonderful life you have given me.

If I ever need guidance I pray, and you answer in all kinds of ways, but most of all I see you in the people I love, teaching them to be the virtuous and kind people they are.

God, you teach me to have strength and compassion. I will be eternally grateful and never want for anything because I have your love. I will meet you in Heaven and I will always be grateful to you.

Tami  –  9 June 2012.

Dearest God,

World is full of strange people, no? Yesterday I was talking to you, today I am writing a letter to you. It wouldn’t make sense to anyone but you know what? It is making perfect sense to me because I believe I owe you a letter for a million reasons. Wait- you think this a one of those complaint letters about how I don’t have the perfect job and how hunger kills people all over the world and you don’t save them? No. I just… I just want to thank you. For reasons I fail to see most of the time… I know I hardly get what I want but you, you always gave me exactly what I need, mostly better though. I know I haven’t been the best of creations and I am sorry. If it was anyone else in place of you, I am pretty sure they’d have given up on me till now even disowned me but you’ve always been there for me, always.. And I promise I will try to improve myself.

I am not going to talk about the world; it’s my day. I can’t even think of the right words to say at the moment. You’ve done so much for me. You listen to my stories every time be it complains, sorrows, and happy memories. I don’t even have to look at the time to come to your house. If only you were here, I would have hugged you. You’ve been my mentor, my best friend, my family, everything since I was born and I just want you to know that I love you. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience this beautiful world of yours and taking care of me on this journey. Thank you.

Waled  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

Help me, because I don’t understand your ways. This past year, God, has been so difficult for me. Yet, continually you have pulled through and provided for me above and beyond what I need. When dad died, I was so mad at you. He was so young and I still needed him. He was there all those difficult moments in raising me, but didn’t get to see his patience pay off. You took him right before I went to prom, my first date, graduation and college. But God, I’m beginning to see your purpose in all of this.

When dad was alive, we were wealthy. I bought designer’s clothes, had a brand new car and never had to work. When you took him, our money also went away. And, although this was difficult, I am now thankful for what I’ve learned.

I had to get a job and learn how to manage money well. I no longer bought expensive things, but used my spare money to help mom pay the bills; dad would have been proud of me. Some of my friends left when we lost our money, and I realized who my real friends are. I was no longer spoiled, and no longer thought I was better than other people because of our money. I learned to depend on you, God, in every aspect of life.

Most importantly, God, I learned that I need to show people how much I love them now. I need to be kind, patient and forgiving because I never know when you might call someone else home.

So, God, please forgive me for being mad at you. Although I still miss dad terribly, I know that you had a purpose. You taught me so much and continued to provide for me.

Thank you for all you do and for forgiving me. And, for giving me the hope that I’ll see dad again, and we will be forever together.

Love always, Krishta.

Krishta  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,
I wrote this letter because I want you to know that I already got answers on my questions about life. Questions that have been bugging my mind since I was a kid, making me troubled and restless. Questions on the mystery of life and the complication of my existence. I’ve searched for answers on these questions all my life only to find out I can answer it myself. Now that I’ve spent more than thirty years of my existence, I have slowly understood and came to fathom the answers I’ve got.

Why is life unfair? You see, I came from a simple family. My father sometimes find it hard to make both ends meet. Although, he tried his best to provide us, it is just not enough. He is the only one working for the family, so growing up in a brood of nine is extremely difficult and financially challenging. At an early age, I have to work and toil hard to finish school. It wasn’t easy. There are times that I had to cry because of disappointment and failed expectations.

During those difficult times, I sometimes questioned Your existence. Is there really God who blesses His people? If there is, then why did He allow me and my family to suffer this much? The answer came years after. I’ve learned that blessing and suffering are the two sides of a coin. Now I have slowly understood that You allowed all those difficulties and sufferings to mold us to become the person that you want us to be. The hardships growing up from a poor family made me determined to finish my strials are inevitable part of life. Life wouldn’t be beautiful and colorful without its trying moments. What matters is our perspective on life, how we deal with some issues and how we view difficulties on a positive light.
I am certain now that I am loved and cared by a loving God. Difficulties will come and go but your constant love will remain forever.

Thank tudies against all odds and earn my college diploma no matter what the cost maybe. That compelling drive to succeed was my motivation to conquer life’s difficulties. And I know that I was not alone in my journey to achieve my dreams. Surely, You helped and blessed me reached my goals.
I’ve realized that whatever your position in life, whether you’re rich or poor, you for loving me inspite and despite of my weaknesses.
From Your Beloved Son.

Sherwin  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

You are very smart. Can you please write me a letter about how you make people?

Yael-Louise (7-year old)  –  9 June 2012.

God (nah! too direct)
Mr God (sounds so formal)
Dear God(yup, this sounds just perfect)
Ok so let me start it

Dear God,

It was high time I sent you a letter. Though I always do my prayers on time and often thank you in my heart but this letter was imperative. Some may find it to be a mere formality but a little sprinkle of formality is always needed to express one’s love, gratitude and appreciation.

A written word is sacrosanct and I want my feelings for You (as on this evening) to be immortalized so that when I look at this, years later I know exactly how I felt.

You have been my savior, well You must be hearing that all the time, but then do You remember those tough times when I was rudderless…. You actually helped me out without even my asking. I remember the time I was going through a rough personal patch and had almost decided to give up on You and had even stopped saying my daily prayers.

Then like a gust of fresh air you opened that much needed window for me. Don’t tell me that You don’t remember the time when I was actually finding it hard to pay my house rent. I was unsure about what to do next, two boys, mounting rent, nowhere to go. What could I do, where would I take my children? It was you my Lord who sent that mysterious acknowledgement of teacher application in my inbox (for I never applied in that school). It was surely You who got me that residential school job in a single phone call. If that is not a miracle what else is?

Not only was the rent taken care of, even the meals and children’s education was complimentary.
I just wish that I continue to thank you by forming a trust to help the needy soon.

Last but not the least I wish to thank you for making me realize that all one needs is faith and patience to sail through difficult times. For even the difficult times are sent by you to test our faith in You.

Keep on remembering and loving me,
Yours daughter.

Menakshi  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,
I’ve been enjoying my stay in your wonderful home named Earth. I love seeing those wonderful creatures of Yours. Each time I wake up and feel the rays of the sun touched my skin, I feel really blessed! Thanks to Your undying love for an unworthy human like me. But, I want to take You for these blessings that I’ve always receive. Please make me a wonderful person to honor You.
Your child,

Kim  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

There is so much I want to say… and I know there’s so much concerns and prayers you are attending to right now. So I’ll try to keep this short so you can have more time to listen to others too. My mom is up there in heaven with you — I know, because she’s been good all her life and, for me, she is the best mom you’ve ever made! Please tell her I terribly miss her; but each time I do, I just keep thinking how lucky she is to be in good hands now that she’s with You…

Joce  –  9 June 2012.

Dear God,

I know you must not hear this enough- but thank you for everything. Today, as I watched my daughter playing with her friend in the yard, I noticed how her skin was cracked and dried due to the fact she has bad eczema. Her skin is so delicate compare to her friend, whom asked her “Does, your skin hurt you?”

My daughter smiled and said “Yes, and God will make it better soon.”

“How?” her friend replied.

Laughing my daughter pointed at me. “He gave me my mommy who kisses away the pain and holds me when I cry. That’s how he makes it better.”

Thank you God for letting me hear her saying that, and for giving me a special little girl.

Stephanie  –  9 June 2012.