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All people have free-will.

God gave people free-will because God is a creator, and He created people that are creators in themselves.

Without free-will people will not be able to create at all, because they would only re-act. They would only obey and do what they are told to do. Obeying is re-acting, not creating. With free-will people can choose, and so they can create.


Life is an expression of free-will. Anything less than free-will has no life in it.


When you give and share, you then see that there is more than enough for everyone.


Thoughts come to our minds before reality manifest itself. Thoughts actually create the reality that we experience.


'Life's Perfect Order' (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

‘Life’s Perfect Order’ (artwork by © Gil Dekel)



Forces of pressure can be used in good way. For example, pressure in the car’s tires keeps them rolling. Pressure in the cooker produces a warm meal. The whole Universe is a system based on pressures, where one thing pulls against another. This produces balance, and keeps everything in place.


When you are with other people, try to find something that interests all of you. When you find common ground, you then lose any ground for conflicts or anger.

Profit can come in many forms, not just in the form of money. For example, if you are asked to babysit your little brother, you can then prove that you can take care of him. With that you can show your parents that you can take care of yourself, thus you can demonstrate that you are grown enough to take that summer job.

Babysitting your brother can bring benefits – the benefit of proving yourself responsible person.


Anyone can find their own best interest while doing something in the interest of another.


There is no such thing as ‘random-chance’. Everything in life is in Perfect Order. ‘Random chance’ means out-of-control, and God does not allow things to go out of control.


The Tools of Creation are:

– Thoughts,

– Words,

– Actions.


Children who are afraid to make mistakes will then need more supervision from their parents, and for a longer time. Children who love to make mistakes can mature and be set free at much earlier age.


We learn from our mistakes, thus they are natural steps of progress along our path. There are no mistakes or failures; there are only steps of progress.


We always have choices available for us to make. For any example of someone who “had no choice, and had to do something certain way”, there is an example of someone who did the exact opposite in similar situation.


Nobody does anything they don’t want to do.


Celebrate yourself – contribute to yourself and to others. Out of what you contribute to life, life will then provide you back.


We are all energy transmitters. We send signals 360 degrees circle around us. These rays extend into infinity. They crisscross rays from other beings and things, forming a web of emanation, which creates the space.


Our feelings and ups-and-downs are choices we make; they are not reactions to something from the outside. The outside world does not put us into any feelings; it does not make us upset.


A feeling does not need to be a reaction – it can be a creation. Our feelings have the power to change the moment. It is not the moment that changes our feelings.

We can decide ahead of time what feelings we want to experience, even before we know what event is coming our way. We can choose our feelings in advance, and in such way we can affect the event to come. We create the condition and the event will occur ‘into’ the feeling.


Thought Word Deed (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

‘Thought Word Deed’ (artwork by © Gil Dekel)



God does not judge us.


Religious are forms of institutions. Spiritualism is a form of experience.


Organizations have the danger of perpetuating themselves. They seldom complete the task they were set to complete, because completing the task would mean the organization’s end.


Most people’s beliefs are based on their experiences, while the experiences that masters have are based on their beliefs… Masters create their reality out of their beliefs.


Indeed = in deed.


We can feel God in many ways.


Sometimes we do not feel much at all; rather we fall into emptiness, yet even in emptiness God resides. This feeling of emptiness is also a sign from God, because in emptiness all wisdom is born. It is from the void that God comes.


It is ok to want physical objects, however the belief that success lies in possessions is mistaken.


The best things in life are free.


It seems that our planet has not benefited from possessions, profits or productivity. These seem to create conflicts and wars, thus they cannot stand as a measure of ‘success’.


Love is the act of transcending the experience of duality, and entering the experience of Oneness, the unity, the no-separation.


Love is a human urge to prove the Union, and experience it. Love is seeing everyone’s best interest as One.


Neale Donald Walsch (photo © Sarah R. and Gil Dekel)

Neale Donald Walsch (photo © Sarah R. and Gil Dekel)



We may love different people is different ways, but ‘different’ does not mean quantity – it does not mean more or less. For example, there is a love of a father to his child, and a different love – the love of the father to his wife. Neither form of love is more or less than the other, rather simply a different feeling.

In truth we love all people, not just one person. We are capable of loving all and everyone equally. Not in a same way, but in a same amount, equally.


Love is not quantifiable.


Love is God actualizing.


Harmony – the same time, but in different ways.

Synchronization – the same time and same way.

We can live in harmony, loving all people, and at the same time we can have sync-love to our family, spouse, and friends. Both are equally good.


People are different; each individual is unique, yet people are not separated.


When you say something, most people will understand what they mean when they say the same thing. In your words they understand only the meaning that they already know. They do not know your meanings.


Manipulation is knowing that the other person understands something different than what you meant, and still letting them think so.


We cannot give what we do not have. Thus, in order to give love to another, we first must give love to ourselves. We must first love ourselves, so to have love to give others.


What people love you for, are the same things people might criticize you for, if they feel they get too much of it from you. People may love you for making quick decisions, yet, if you do it too often in too big manner, they will call you ‘bossy’. People may love you for being problem-solving, yet if you push too much for solutions, they will feel that you want things ‘your way’.

‘Confidence’ can be turned into ‘egocentric’, if it is performed too much. ‘Courage’ can be called ‘foolish act’ when it is acted upon too strongly.

People will love your humour, yet, too much humour can be labelled ‘not serious’.


The very things that people have made you ‘wrong’ for, are the things they admire in you at other times or at a different energy level.


Sometimes, the best gift we can give is silence. We can give people some silence and space for them to act in their best way, even if we may think we could do it better.


Love is not a response. We choose to love. Our love is a decision, not a re-action to something. We do not need to earn God’s love for us, nor to act a certain way for God to love us. We already have God’s love.

Does a rose need to earn the rain?

Does ice-cream needs to earn a child’s love?

God loves us simply because we ARE. We need do nothing to earn it. Love gives itself for no reason – it is not a payment or a bribe. True love is a decision of how to be with another person. If it is a response to what the other person does – then it is not love, but a counterfeit emotion.

Once we decide to love someone, regardless of who and what they might do for us, we then increase our energy vibes, and we move to vibrate energetically at a higher frequency. Love then emanates from us. People will then start to feel wonderful around you, so they will start feeling wonderful about you. They will increase their energy vibes as well, and will come into harmony or sync.

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