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When you love another for what you are, not for what they are, you then demonstrate that you need nothing from them, and that your love is not based on what you can get from them.


Society is a group of people formed around a particular way of seeing things. Thinking is the act of considering ideas.

Learning is the act of memorising. Facts are rarely facts. They are one interpretation of what occurred, designed to justify a particular point of view.


It is the points of views that people seek to teach their children in school. It is not bare truths we try teach our children, but points of views.


Some people tend to repeat the past. They are ‘repeaters’. Other people look at the past, and they change what was done; these are the ‘changers’.


Silence (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

‘Silence’ (artwork by © Gil Dekel)



By not trying at all, people indeed get nowhere. These people start with thinking that they cannot get anywhere, so indeed they do not try. And since they do not even try, indeed they never get anywhere. Such people then make themselves right: they start with thinking they cannot get anywhere, and they ending up not getting anywhere. This attitude allows people to remain unhappy and angry, and believe that they are right to be unhappy and angry.


It is not a question of ‘should I cheat in my exams’, but ‘am I a cheater? Am I a person who cannot be trusted? Is this who I want to be?’


A child can live happily even if their parents decide to get a divorce. The child can be happy if they realize that s/he is the source of their happiness, not their parents, and not other people, places or things. These all are not the source from which the child derives happiness.


Many of humans’ diseases are preventable simply by changing human behaviours. Wars are preventable by changing human beliefs, which can change peoples’ behaviours.


The choices that we make now can affect our future. If we smoke now, we can affect our future health.


A cure brings about a change in the condition, for example: changing the condition of a headache by removing the pain. Healing, on the other hand, is a change in the way that the condition is experienced, for example: not letting a headache stop us from doing something.

We have all healed a headache by deciding that it is not going to interfere with what we are doing. We experience having a headache, but may not suffer from it. In such way we start with the healing, which then can cause curing. These are called ‘blessings’, and the cures are called ‘miracles’.

Pain is a physical and emotional experience. Suffering is a point of view about it.


We are all living someone’s dreams – our own dreams…


The soul is the essence of people, the most basic element of humans. We can get in touch with our soul, and then we can get in touch with other peoples’ souls. It will be difficult to contact others people’s souls, before we contacted ours first.

The soul is connected to All. The body is separated. The mind is a bridge between the soul and the body.


In order to use the mind to connect to the soul, we first need to use our thoughts. We first need to believe that we have a soul at all. The mind and body are not Who You Are – rather they are what you have. You are a soul, enliving a body, and using a mind.

Use your mind to teach yourself that you are a soul. Then go beyond the limits of the mind, and into the experience. Drop thoughts.


We can contemplate and focus on our soul by writing a journal. This can clarify feelings, clarify the real self. We can contemplate also by meditation, or listening to music. We can just walk, ride, or dance. These are tools to empty the mind from the day-to-day events, and allowing the spirit to fill it.


Some people are so receptive that they are called ‘psychic’. Many people would come to them for advice, in counselling sessions that are called ‘readings’. Now, psychic people are sensitive to the client that they ‘read’, so they amplify the signals that the clients themselves receive.

Psychic people are not necessarily sensitive to spirits, but to the signals that the clients receive. Psychic people are like loud speakers, amplifying the signals that people already hold (quietly) within them.


Our loved ones who died surround us all the time here on earth. The same is with God.


If God will assign a specific view point to life, then we would have no choice, but to follow it. For that reason, life is pointless… it has no point, but the point we assign it.

God created people to create, not to obey. God obeys no one, and God created us in His image and likeness.


Many scientific truths are known to science, yet they are still not accepted or believed by many in our culture.


The Dream (artwork by © Gil Dekel)

‘The Dream’ (artwork by © Gil Dekel)



We are all Angels, performing miracles. Failure is an illusion. No failure exists.


Any disappointment holds a gift. All things happen for the highest good, even if it seems that you do not get what you choose, you still do.

Our souls bring all experiences to us, thus all experiences we have are what we wished for. A Master is the person who knows that they get all that they wished for.

Pain does not have to involve suffering. All ‘defeats’ are victories of another sort.


People developed certain skin colours as they settled in various locations on the earth.


Life is like driving a car to get to the store and buy milk. Physical life is the car, the device, that the soul uses to carry her intention – which is to evolve.


We are all ‘human-snowflakes’. No two are alike. We fall down to earth, and merge with other snowflakes. We melt one into the other in a stream of Oneness. Then we rise back to heavens, to start all over again. This is the journey of the soul.


When understanding comes in, condemnation fades away.


Do not make decisions based on fear.


Intentions and pure knowing produce positive outcomes in life, not charms/objects.

Faith can be demonstrated not by going to church/synagogue/temple – but through each Word we say, every Thought we think, and every Deed we perform.


The Present: Pre-sent. It is a ‘pre-sent’, i.e. sent to us in advance by our soul, to allow us express and experience Who We choose to be.

Angels never think. They BE the moment. They do what it takes to express themselves.


Fear and guilt are the only enemies of man.


Power is WITH, not OVER. The purpose of power is not to control another, but to create with others.


Sharing power does not diminish it, but increases it. Thus, God comes to fulfil us, not to abolish us. God exercises power with us, not over us.


After death we can still keep an identity as individuals. Or we may choose to melt back into God, with no individual identity.


Being All of IT means that you are ALL. Thus, you cannot have a desire, since desire is for something, and you are everything, all of ‘somethings’ already.


Becoming individual (‘individualizing’) is like getting out of your band’s uniforms. You still remain a part of the band but now you look different. You look more ‘individual’.


Neale Donald Walsch (photo © Sarah R. and Gil Dekel)

Neale Donald Walsch (photo © Sarah R. and Gil Dekel)



The human body holds the mechanism of all of life. The body holds ‘stem cells’, which are God-like qualities. They are immortal, and they are shape-changers.

Other living cells can only divide finite times, and then they perish. Stem cells can divide indefinitely. Under the right conditions they can replica forever. They can also change form, i.e. turn into any other cell types. They can turn themselves into anything.


The secret of God is the mechanism inside our body. To understand ourselves is to understand God – physically and spiritually. Mystics have always said that to understand yourself is to understand God.


Science and spirituality are now coming closer.


With all our technologies, wealth and awareness – still poverty, hunger, misery and oppression exist. This is because these miseries are created by beliefs, and beliefs did not seem to change.

Conditions, such as technology, can have a temporal effect. Beliefs have long term effects. Beliefs create behaviours, and behaviours create conditions.


Most people are too busy trying to solve problems created by their beliefs, that they do not stop to think quietly and examine those beliefs themselves. They do not try to solve the beliefs, since they are too busy trying to solve the problems created by those beliefs…


Do not just talk about what is not working, but go and create what does work.

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