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Barbara Marx Hubbard (© Gil Dekel)

Barbara Marx Hubbard interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

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Gil Dekel: Do you think that each one of us invents themselves?

Barbara Marx Hubbard: I would use the word ‘discover’ rather than ‘invent.’ It seems like everyone has a unique DNA or a genetic code. Everyone has a unique genius code of creativity. The goal is to be attuned to the uniqueness; and then you have to cultivate it by saying ‘yes’ to it, so there’s a lot of voluntary work there. I don’t think you make up this uniqueness. I think it’s a given just as our genetic code is.

So, we are born with it?

Yes, we are born with unique creativity. The culture around us can either nurture it or not. Most cultures in the past did not nurture anything like creativity in people. Even recently (when I went to College in 1947 – 48), there was a huge number of courses. You were asked: ‘What do you want to major in?’ – but there was no question of what is your deeper vocation, where is your calling, what might be useful, where is the world going? I feel that most education doesn’t ask these important questions. This really has to be done by people themselves.

Absolutely. And you are encouraging a new system, a new cultural coherence through the ‘synergy engine’ idea.


Why would you think the synergy engine be most effective online? I’m thinking 100 years from now… the internet will be old news then…

What do you think will replace the internet?

I am not sure; my so-called ‘angel’ was talking about our technologies in general. He said that our digital cameras, for example, are limited not just by technology but by the way we approach and understand our own powers. In effect you can transmit images mind to mind, so he says.

Yes. Well, there’s a lot of truth to that. I think we’re at a phase of something like a newborn baby’s nervous system. It’s really important that this baby can coordinate enough to breathe and nurse and eliminate, but that’s not the whole purpose of the baby. After a while, the nervous system is more or less taken for granted, but there’s so much more to it that we can use.

I think we’ve been given a planetary nervous system for a reason. Right now, we’re like an infantile planetary species. We’re very new at being responsible for our own evolution. We’re very new at feeling we could destroy our life support system or create a new world. There are no experts on this.

Model of The Wheel Co-Creation - Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Wheel Co-Creation – Barbara Marx Hubbard

The synergy engine (which is really just a concept that was developed by myself, Darrel Layham, Claudia Wells and others) suggests to find a way in which each person would be able to express their own desire to create, their own needs and resources, and start matching needs and resources and common goals, on a global scale. It’s the next stage of self-governance. Right now, liberal democracy whether in the United States or Egypt, where people are trying to come together in a liberal structure, is actually not working.

A synergistic democracy is a common goal, and if we can match needs with resources, we can bring synergistic rules of order.

So, the idea of the synergy engine is to create a global pool, an online global database, which will have an engine that matches people’s skills, with other people’s needs.

Yes. I think we’re moving towards a synergistic form of self-governance that right now does need a nervous system to connect people.

It’s already true that our intuitions connect very rapidly. And what if we are ourselves members of a living system, like the cells are in our body? It’s hard to even imagine the connectivity and co-creativity of this one species on this planet. It’s awesome.

The Horizon Unseen Self - by (c) Gil Dekel

‘The Horizon of The Unseen Self’ (© Gil Dekel)

I was ‘told’ once in a meditation that the atoms in the human body are unaware that together they make molecules… They don’t know that they combine together into molecules. Each atom ‘feels’ itself a separate individual…

There’s a new book out called ‘Radical Abundance’ by Eric Drexler. Eric is one of the inventors of nanotechnology, which is atomic, precise manufacturing. Nanotechnology purposefully engineers a construction piece from atoms, building molecules and cells. Eric says that you can make any object out of atoms because that’s what nature has done. If we can achieve this then it will lead to radical abundance without destroying the environment or taking away from anyone.

Now, if that’s true, and if it’s true that we might tap into zero point energy, which they say is infinite, then we can evolve into a higher consciousness, greater freedom and more complex synergistic order. If it’s true that we can develop new financial systems like complimentary currencies, you begin to feel a wonderful emerging world… It’s very exciting. We can then ask, “where am I going that I can give my gift into the emerging world, not the dying world? Where am I called to?”

So what is the difference between birthing and dying?

The line is actually fading. There’s a new book called ‘Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife’ by Eben Alexander. He had a serious disease, and also experiences of light bodies, old relatives and angelic presences. And then he ‘came’ back. But you know, near death experience is not death; rather it is a form of life. So, I think it’s near life experience…

When you are ‘almost’ dead and you’re starting to experience these beings of light and you go into your existing past mindset, you remember and share what you’ve already done. I wouldn’t be surprised that near death experiences are something we are having right now… a near species-death experience… Our species is saying ‘Oh, God, we could be extinct.’

The other thing is near new life experience, where we extend our sense of reality beyond the physical body into other realms. We may extend beyond the realm of the solar system and the galaxies where there are billions of planets. I feel we’re being born as a new universal species. This Planet, Mother Earth, is giving birth to a new species.

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11 Oct 2013.
Exclusive publishing rights © Gil Dekel.
Interview conducted via Skype call, on 14 Aug 2013. Barbara is based in California, USA. Gil is based in The UK. Barbara’s website: www.evolve.org.