Portrait of Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard (© Gil Dekel)

Barbara Marx Hubbard interviewed by Dr. Gil Dekel.

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Gil Dekel: What is the purpose of being a human-being?…

Barbara Marx Hubbard: The purpose of being a human-being is to fulfil the divine potential in each one of us… to express our creativity and live in the evolution of the world.

Gil: …And how do we achieve it?

Barbara: By identifying within ourselves the impulse to grow, to express and to say ‘yes’; and see which way we are attracted to give. Happiness comes from self-rewarding work that is of service. When you’re doing it, you feel it’s your calling; then you can make it work in the world.

To be a complete human-being you need to find your inner purpose, and say ‘yes’ to it. Often it means social entrepreneurship, and coming together with other people to create. You’re not usually going to school to learn it, and you’re not usually hired to do this job… This isn’t ordinary work in the sense that you get a job to survive. It is about finding your way to do it, simply because you love it, and because you’re yearning to be creative.

How do you ‘sense’ this inner creative call in you?

I breathe-in the feeling of inspiration of the entire process of creation. It feels like God as spirit in action, God as evolutionary impulse, God as creative intelligence. And then I imagine the whole universe as an expression of that. I take that into my own being and up through all my various Chakras and into my heart, into my upper heart where my vocation is. That’s my calling, my gift to give.

I feel guided by this great power of creative intention inside. So as I do my creative work in the world like right now, I’m feeling the impulse. Not only in me but in you as well; and as I’m feeling resonance going back-and-forth, it amplifies. And that is joyful and creative. So the whole opportunity becomes a deep incentive to continue to create…

Do you feel that resonance now, as we speak online via Skype?

Yes, I do; and I’m a great lover of the internet, and also of the concept of the Noosphere. I don’t know if you’ve heard that word, it’s by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. It means a mind-sphere or global-brain.

In the last ten years or so, planet earth has grown a new nervous system. You see Facebook, Twitter, billions of iphones, Google search engine. If you look at it from an evolutionary point of view, the planet has grown this new nervous system to connect the global consciousness.

The motivation to connect that which is creative and loving is profound, not only in my personal life purpose but the larger one, that I feel like… I’m always feeling this larger purpose calling, as well as the individual and unique purposes, and they blend as one in co-creation.

The Blast of The Earth Spirits

‘The Blast of The Earth Spirits’ (© Gil Dekel)

Let’s discuss the personal, not the universal. If you have a bad day, and someone is nasty to you for some reason, how do you connect with them right then?

That takes a lot of practice. I have a practice which I call ‘shifting from ego to essence.’ Ego is separated local personality self. It will be reactive for lots of reasons; including somebody being nasty, or just because something isn’t working for you and you feel depressed or – many, many reasons.

What I’ve learned to do is to quickly shift my attention to my essence. Breathe, do a little heart map if you’re familiar with that. Just breathe through your heart, and appreciate. And if you do it fast, you can avoid your nervous system getting corrupted by that reactive behavior. It takes skill to do that. You have to be dedicated to do it because it’s so easy to be reactive…

The biofeedback you get from reacting is pain. Reactive mode puts the biofeedback under stress, and that stress is debilitating in many ways, whereas the biofeedback you get from shifting your attention to your essential, true nature divine-self, is immediately rewarding that you get used to doing it fast.

You have been expressing many ideas relating to femininity. Not just in your books, but even now, as you explain how to connect with your so-called inner-self. I would argue this may be ‘easier’ for woman, so I would like to ask: How can men do it?…

I think it’s easier for women because women have been liberated in recent years, to have hold of our own identity. We’re not trying to be equal to men in a dysfunctional world. Most women – I call it feminine co-creator – are inspired by a creative impulse to give birth to that authentic self. A gift which is beyond having children is giving birth to a greater self.

So women, over the age of 50 in particularly, are a liberated species. Nobody is expecting much of them now. And suddenly – I’m 83 – and I’ve said ‘yes’ to the inner impulse to express; so it has said ‘yes’ to me in return, and it gives me more energy and more vitality.

Portrait of Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard (© Gil Dekel)

Now with men, the same thing happens but it’s tricky. Men, if they go from their masculine-self can be aiming at power, domination and control, simply because they’re good at that. And the whole dominative culture, whether it be the top of global corporations or nation states or religions, is headed by masculine energy.

So, for a man to become a masculine co-creator takes a real shift of saying ‘no’ to certain structures of power. The structures of domination are very tempting; more tempting to the man than to the woman. So men have a greater challenge to express their own creatively and forcefully in the world, without getting sidelined by power structures.

And the good news is that many of the power structures are failing… failing to fulfill themselves at the top. In the United States, the top of our so-called liberal democracy is paralyzed by opposition. At the top of the Vatican, you see almost a self-obsolescing tendency of making decisions that are not truly in alignment with their purpose. You can see it in global corporations that are trying to control, but instead they lead the destruction of the environment.

The male dominator structure is getting a lot of feedback that shows it doesn’t work as well as it did. That feedback gives men a real opportunity to use their creative genius in a new way, one that is for evolutionary purposes.

And men’s genius is in what? In creating, in engineering, in logic?

I think – although certainly women have it too – that men are good at bringing things into form, whether it be logically or architecturally. In other words, it seems to be a masculine gift. Some women have it too; still when you think of the great geniuses bringing matter into form, bringing consciousness into form, you will think of men, whereas the women’s greater genius perhaps is consciousness itself.

All women I know love to work with co-creative men, so it’s not in opposition to the male; in fact it’s in love with the co-creative male. You know, it’s just wonderful.

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11 Oct 2013.
Exclusive publishing rights © Gil Dekel.Interview conducted via Skype call, on 14 Aug 2013.
Barbara is based in California, USA. Gil is based in The UK. Barbara’s website: www.evolve.org.