This film is a ‘thank you’ to all the gifts that people are giving to each other – the mere gift of Life. Every person you meet brings something to you, and when we look back we can then observe our memories as if they were still images, and then fully appreciate what we have received. For that reason I chose to create a 3D Photo-montage effect in this film, showing still-images, like memories, in a gentle 3D-movement effect.

I chose the motif of flowers because people are like flowers, opening up, very slowly, to the Soul that resides within. The music combines piano and a violin, which to me are two opposites: piano with key-strokes, and violin with long bow strokes. I wanted to combine these two opposites, and to unite them into One. I have directed a talented musician to produce this music, using these instruments.

Some people may feel that a flowery/inspirational artwork such as this, is ‘Kitsch’. However, this work calls upon all those who are interested in conversing with their own heart, and who are interested in listening to the inner journey which takes us from Life to Life. The external beauty and the aesthetics in this film try to emulate and express the inner beauty, and carry it to the threshold of the Soul.

Thank You, Forever.

Did you know
that our world is beautiful?

that the birds are singing with joy?

that the children carry the Spirit up?

Did you know that
there is enough for everyone?

that your eyes were given to you
so you can choose when to close them and look inside?

Did you know that
you are loved?

that you are carried like a precious gem
in the hands of God?

© Gil Dekel. Film created 2009.
Poem written in 2009 and 2012. Uploaded on 2 March 2012.