Artistic Films Artistic Films

Thank You, Forever (2009)

Dreams of Being Alive (2009)

Interview with Authorial-Self

The Collective Hearts (2008)

I Am Who I Am (2009)

What Is Love?

In God’s Garden (2009)

The Colours of Heaven (2009)

The Birds (2009)

I Can Be Your Mummy (2009)

Confessions of an Angel

A Fallen Angel

Unfolding Hearts

Petals of Trust

Quantum Words

Freedom – the true story of my escape to the free world

Whispers in the Dark

Reflections in a Light Box, Part 1

Reflections in a Light Box, Part 2

The Prince of Hampshire

The Truth

Explorers of the Heart

As Time Goes By (2000/2008)

Coliseum of Resonance (2008)


Academic Presentations

Lines of the Self (2009)

One More Pearl (2008)

The Stages of Inspiration

Illuminating the World

Interdisciplinary Mud, Part 1

Interdisciplinary Mud, Part 2


Workshops/Reflections Thoughts

Child’s ‘Conversations with God’ Book 1 (Neale Donald Walsch).

A Question to Minette Walters

Barack Obama: a thought (2009)

One Plus One Equals Green

Footprints in the Sand

Making of ‘What is Love, Part 2’