Reiki Master, Natalie Dekel

Hello, I am Natalie, a visual artist using few techniques, and offering spiritual intuitive readings (advice) to clients, using art. Contact me, here. More details, see bottom of this page.


I have a few styles/themes:

Encaustic Wax

I have been given a set of encaustic wax box as a gift from my friend. Since then I cannot stop using it to bring out unexpected mystical power of colours and emotions out. It is amazing technique that requires no previous skill, and it allows one to listen to his/her heart and follow the impulsive intuitive guidance that comes from high above. I sometimes use these paintings when I give people readings. It help to connect to people’s guides and loved ones, or simply being a beautiful image to look at.

Some of my work has not been inspired by specific people but by ideas and visions I had. These visions can come to me in the shape of poetry, writings or visuals, and sometimes I turn them into painting or a short film. The ideas do not have specific time or space, but occupy their own special existence. Different techniques, different approaches; an intimate artistic experience in all.

Time travel

As I am working on developing myself spiritually and emotionally I have noticed that when I look at people I often see them in different periods, different cultures, different situations than where they are right now. Some can argue it is past lives experiences and for others it is but imaginary time travelling image. Either way you can commission me to do your portrait or that of your loved ones.


I love people. I love observing emotions, thoughts and colours as they dance across people’s faces and bodies. There is inner beauty in all faces that is waiting to be recognised and acknowledged. This is what I do with my portraits. You are welcome to commission me for yourself or your loved ones.


I find landscape and nature as a treasure chest with many complex and mysterious elements hidden in it. Each painting I do of nature brings out one little aspect of it on to the surface for all to see.


We are surrounded by angels or ‘spirit beings’ all the time. Some people see them, some do not, some believe in them and others do not. Either way the energy and the help is always there for you at any moment in your life regardless of your social, cultural and emotional state.

I have managed to capture the energy of some. Of course the energy changes all the time and so is the perception of that angel/Spirit at that time which is why I have different images of same angels too. You are welcome to commission for yourself either the ones I have already painted or the ones I have not yet done.

© Natalie Dekel. 25 Aug 2013. Update 24 May 2020.