By Dr. Gil Dekel.

During my PhD research at the University of Portsmouth I have noted that not only artists and art ‎students can be creative and innovative, but that every single person has the potential to ‘tap’ into ‎creativity. Creativity and inspiration unfold in every aspect of life. ‎

My practice-based PhD research looked into the subject ‎of creativity and inspiration, proposing hands-‎on techniques to access one’s talents and opening ‎doors to innovation. These techniques were tested ‎with artists and non-artists alike, and proved ‎beneficial to anyone who is willing to ask: “who am I, and ‎how can I be more innovative?”…‎

The resulting PhD study can also help students develop research skills with a mature approach to ‎academia. By helping students learn to find their own abilities and creative skills – following the great ‎adage ‘Know Thyself’ – students can crystalize who they are, and what they can do best. ‎

The PhD offers new practical research tools, such as The Streaming Knowledge Method, along with ‎critical exploration of works from the world of art and design. This helps to simplify and exemplify the ‎creative process that operates in the mind and the heart of artists; the ‎inner states of being inspired to ‎create.‎


Gil Dekel - Art and Inspiration Workshops. Art practice PhD.

‘The Collective Hearts’ Workshop, with facilitator Gil Dekel.


I have researched across spectrums of the arts, design, new media, social sciences, engineering, ‎psychology, philosophy, Quantum physics, as well as spiritual teachings – to show how creativity is ‎achieved within an academic framework. Research methods incorporated include: auto-ethnography, ‎phenomenology, participant observation, grounded theory, and narrative interview‎.‎

Prior to the research I was travelling worldwide and have lived in various countries. I have experienced ‎different cultures and different ways of communicating. I have noted peoples’ perspectives, potential ‎and talents, and channelled it into various works that I have produced: art installations, films, graphic ‎messages, poetry, and academic works that can be understood and communicated in a clear concise ‎manner.‎

I teach colleagues to think, to ask questions and most of all: to look at what resources they already ‎have and how to utilize them. This is my specific new contribution to knowledge. ‎

On a personal level I am dedicated to inspire people and bring out what they have into their work, so ‎that they are motivated and interested in what they are doing. In that way, we’re not just teaching the ‎curriculum to people who want to complete a degree quickly; rather we are creating motivated, ‎focused students that are interested and enjoying the process of their study. Equipped with such ‎enthusiasm and self-awareness, students can truly make a difference in the world, and bring their ‎original contribution to work, rather than being a part of a fashionable and limited circulated agenda.‎

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27 July 2010. Last update 14 Jan 2019.