by Natalie Dekel.

This Spring time, with its Easter and Passover holidays, is about emotional clearing-up, and opening to a new beginning. As we look at who we are and what we have accumulated in our lifetimes, we find knowledge, wisdom, some good things and some bad. However, we realize that we have been brought up to believe that only one aspect of us is the good one. All our life we’ve been told that if we do something good, we’ll be in the good ‘section’ of society; and then we’ll be approved and loved. And, if we have done something that is not approved, then we’ll enter the villain category of society. This part of ourselves, that is not approved by our parents, families, and cultures, gets oppressed, ignored and unaccepted. The problem is that this part is ignored even by ourselves. Each one of us supresses some parts of themselves.


Emotional clear-up. (photo © Gil Dekel)

Now we have reached the stage where these ‘shadow parts’ having been suppressed are bubbling under the surface. They’re coming out and urging us to look at them, and recognize that life is a multidimensional experience. Life is not a ‘black or white’ experience; rather it includes all shades. Life is an experience that involves all aspects, the high, the low, the good and the bad.

To tell you the truth, the definition of what is good and bad changes from place to place. What is right in one place might be totally wrong in another. Good and wrong are subjective experiences. Now, when the structures are shifting and a society is looking at themselves, it’s time for us to look at ourselves as individuals. It’s time to face who we are in all ways and accept that complete-self. The inner child within us wants to be expressed and accepted and loved. It’s time to take it as part of our lives because this is what makes us who we are, and we are waiting to be liberated and loved, truly, unconditionally.

This is what we are working on this year. This year is about facing our limitations, facing the shadowy aspects within each one of us. Many people are going through colds, and upheavals these days, having physical and emotional turmoil. These events are bringing up certain feelings, certain emotions, to make us face them. It makes us start thinking, and then cleaning up the inner self.

To do that, I for instance started taking one by one the emotions that coming up, looking at myself, at the memories, feelings – and just acknowledging them out loud. I am saying to myself how it feels, how I respond to it, what my limiting beliefs are, what are the old beliefs and the new beliefs. I am using guided meditations and the EFT method of touching the acupressure points. But, you can just hold your own hands or just put your hand on your heart. What matters is that you acknowledge how you feel. You acknowledge who you are.

Looking-with-closed-eyes - photo-Gil-Dekel

Looking with closed eyes. (photo © Gil Dekel)

This acknowledgment is enough to start you on the way of accepting who you are and loving yourself more. If you accept who you are, you allow the universe to bring in new energy.

What I realized recently as I was working on myself is that there’s so much resistance in the body. There’s so much fighting against life itself. It’s as if we’re standing surrounded by imaginary enemies, and we swing our fists, fighting something that is not there… And life says, “Relax! It’s okay; it’s safe to be okay. It’s okay to be loved. Let me give you what you need.” And yet we’re still fighting and resisting life. We’re resisting that surrender to the flow of life. So, how can we be rich or abundant or have happy relationships if we’re resisting? How can we have it all if we’re fighting life at every corner, every turn, every action?

Looking back, I see that my mother was fighting when she was dying of cancer. She was fighting to survive, so to speak. But really, if she would accept the process of life – it doesn’t mean she agreed to it – but if she would flow with it, there would be much less suffering and perhaps more chances of healing. I think that is one of the points we need to start working on: working on our resistance to life, working on the inflexibility and un-forgiveness we have to ourselves.

As you say meditate, allow your emotions and feelings to come up. Say the out loud, and notice how your body responds. It’s almost as if you have a dialogue with yourself as you work through these emotions and feelings. It’s a very powerful process. Some of us have been there for a while but I think all of us as humanity are at the first stages of this process, and we’re still only starting to move towards that new liberation.

I’ve noticed for a while now that all of us have new chakra centres; that we have now two heart centres. By having these extra energy centres, we allow our bodies to evolve at a much higher frequency. And that means that we’re able to work on parallel events at the same time. This is exactly where we need to learn acceptance of who you are. By bridging this shadow aspect of yourself, you’re bridging the several universes, where you left shadow bits of yourself.

By accepting it, you allow your body, your mind and that aspect of the soul to integrate easier and “jump” between the parallel realities, creating much more harmonious existence to all aspects of self. This is not just to help you heal and improve your lifestyle, but to also help other existences and people that are connected to you in all other realities.

So we’re doing here a big work on a multidimensional level and this is what this Spring is about. Brace yourselves, stay positive and know that while we’re riding the stormy wave, it’s to bring us better quality of living. We are working towards a different dimension of existence, rather than just existing through it on fear and resistance.

Thank you.

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20 April 2014. © Natalie Dekel.