The Pathby Natalie Dekel.

As we come close to the end of the year, I feel a question arising within me as to who I truly am, and have I been true to that real self.

This year was all about healing past issues, resolving our views about ourselves and digging deep to face our fears and act on them so that we can move forward with full force.

Now, as the New Year comes closer, the year of the Horse, we are pushed to explore not just ourselves but our relationships and how we treat others around us (which clearly speaks about how we treat ourselves).

Our Being is so complex that even after years of work on myself, each time I think ‘wow, I have now done a great job, surely that is it’ – I then realise how much more work I still have to do… And this is the great thing about us. We are given an opportunity to excel at being our True Self. The True Self that has no shadows, no hurts; the True Self that is projecting only love and is surrounded by Love.

This is the time to move on, to let go of the old and worn out, so that we can embrace the new and the exciting opportunities that Life is offering us.

I cannot believe it but considering I always saw myself as flexible and open-mind person, I still find releasing very difficult thing to do. I found that it is easy for me to be helpful and flexible to others, however once I get to the point that goes deep into my heart, that is irrevocably linked with my childhood experiences and perceptions and hurts, I find it extremely difficult to let it go. Our egos use the hurts, the pains and the emotional shields we have built as a way to protect ourselves. This is the only way it knows to be as it is now. Taking this protection away from it will be hard but necessary if we want to move on.

The Path

‘The Path’ (photo by Gil Dekel).

Perhaps there will be fresh emotional bleeding, because these protections cover hurts that have never healed but continue festering deep under. Releasing them and lancing them out will bring this hurt out into the open. However it will not be for long and we will soon realise how we have evolved since our childhood selves. And we will see how much lighter and healthier and loving we have become despite all that darkness that is still clinging to our shadows.

The storm we perceive on emotional and even physical levels is a reflection of the storm that our ego is raising to protect us – this is the only way it knows to function. Just like a baby having a tantrum cry out because she does not realise that with given time and some patience she will probably get what she wanted anyway.

We have released so much and now this is our time to feel the areas in our lives that have become light and carefree. With all the hard work of releasing it is now your time to assess your gifts against the areas that you are still holding on, to the darkness for them. We will then be able to let go of the darkness easier and more consciously with less labour involved. This is what 2014 is for me – a balance and release, completion of a major karmic cycle and embracing of Light as a way forward. Following our desires while relying on the intuition and joy to guide us…

Happy Festive times, everyone! And a Happy New Year! Let your light shine from within and illuminate the path ahead for you, and for others to follow their own lights.


Natalie Dekel.

24 Dec 2013. © Natalie Dekel.