Bowl of Serenity (photo © Yaron Dekel, 2013)

Bowl of Serenity (photo © Yaron Dekel, 2013)

by Natalie Dekel.

As August enters our lives, many of us have been through some challenging few months recently. Many of us have been looking back over our lives, working hard to release deep-seated fears, frustrations and anger that we held for long.

The way to let the past go is not by theoretical forgiveness (this approach has never worked for me), nor by pushing it aside or down and forgetting it (pretending to forget it.) The only way that worked for me was to observe the event from the past that has upset me. I do not observe it as a ‘participant’ but as someone detached, from aside. Then release can naturally occur. This is how it works:

Life is a little bit like standing on the side of a busy motorway, looking at all the cars passing by. You do not wish to jump in the middle of the road and have a ‘conversation’ with one of those passing cars, as this would be a death wish. In a similar way, arguing with the past or beating yourself up on something that has happened long time ago, is like jumping into the middle of a busy road. It has the same death wish effect, as we continually try to stop the energy that needs to pass out from our bodies. Thoughts and emotions are like cars; they need to keep on moving… If we keep try stopping them they will crash into each other, and into us, causing illnesses or unwellness, and a disharmony in our bodies. So, do not judge or comment on what you see or feel. Just let the body do whatever it needs doing, as you observe the past and see it going.

Many people follow this method of letting-go by observing and releasing. However, now in August, we have a chance to go even further than releasing; we can establish the New Self. Not the one that was burdened by the past, nor the one which is riddled with guilt and fear. The New Self is a self we must create from scratch – with newly recognised talents, confidence, inner beauty and self-belief. This New Self will be in harmony with your true desire to do what makes you happy and what brings joy into your life in any form and shape. It may mean adjusting your diet, going out more for walks in nature, or even changing jobs and houses.

It is good idea to start by making a list of everything that you ever did that made you happy, even for a moment. This list will give you ideas regarding what you truly like doing and will inspire you to start living the life will bring you joy and happiness that you deserve. Feel free to share your list with me and others, as I found that people can offer objective observation and come up with suggestions.

It is also good also to declutter your house from things and clothes that you no longer need or love, and so you will clear up the space for new things to enter. A decluttering process may also expand to your relationships, so that those who upset you or drain your energy, will move away from your life. You will start surround yourself with only those who appreciate who you truly are.

This is just the beginning of a new phase in the evolution of our consciousness. The stage where we slowly learn to develop that God/Goddess embryo that has been dormant inside us for too long. Now is the time to look within, not without, and find you unique Self; the individual and amazing Being that is only YOU.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me.

3 Aug 2013.
© Natalie Dekel.