By Natalie Dekel.‎

The perception of beginning and end is pure human fantasy. Who said that birth was your ‎beginning, who said you finish with death?… who said you are supposed to graduate from ‎one stage to another with a ‘certificate’ and pass grades for doing the right thing?…‎

As long as you are Alive you keep changing, keep evolving, keep unfolding from one stage to ‎another with the beat of the universe. The energy flows into various aspects of the Self and ‎illuminate each time a different aspect on which we have not worked.‎

You are so good at beating your self up – but what if your beliefs are not really yours?… ‎What if the sense of unworthiness came to you from your parents who passed their beliefs ‎to you because this is the only awareness they have/had?‎

What if some emotions and feelings are totally not yours? and when you are working so ‎hard on eradicating them in reality you are working out someone else’s karma… What if you ‎are perfect, whole and complete human-being, Now, Here in This One.‎

What if all the ‘shortcomings’ you perceive about yourself are there not to be judged but to ‎be embraced? To be embraced and loved because the only way to help is to Love and see ‎them as whole as they are underneath the illusion of lack and limitations.‎

Open Up - tulip photo by Gil Dekel

‘Open Up’ (Photo by Gil Dekel)

I think the universe is speeding it all for you so you can crack up. When you crack suddenly ‎you are not fixed, not moulded anymore. Suddenly the Universe is alive and raw and pulsing ‎through you, and in you, as God Creative flow itself waiting to open up in new directions.‎

It is ok to feel cracked up and bleeding rawness.‎

It is ok to feel pain and stay in it.‎

It is ok to have other around you with limited thinking.‎

In order to be the Light you need to be surrounded by those whose greatest gift to you is to ‎be your darkness so you can shine your light into it. In truth everyone is light in their ‎essence, yet they hide this light. If everyone where to shine the light then you would never ‎experience this light for all you would know is Light. So some of us have chosen to be ‎limited, hurt, low, creepy, ugly etc. so the others may shine and blast their light no matter ‎what the illusion is. And so when we unite into One again we can open our hearts and join in ‎the glorious being of One Love with no lack, no limitations or needs.‎

We are not here for long. Look back at your life (in my case almost 37 years passed in a ‎blink) – you will see that we are here to experience this life, so we can work out the bulk of ‎the karma. And then we are off to an astral plane for more detailed and delicate energy ‎work, until we are free. ‎

So, do not mind the endless work it all takes. Flowers do not doubt their short existence nor ‎their beauty. Elephants do not ask why they have to carry heavy loads, rather they serve ‎humanity and this world.‎

Your heart never asks you why it has to pump blood to keep you going, even if you go the ‎opposite direction it wants. Your heart never argues, even as it does not go on holidays. Your ‎immune system is never idle.‎

The idea of beginning and end is an illusion in itself. In this time the old self dies with cries ‎of despair, and the new self emerges into a new path and a new birth.‎

13 June 2015. © Natalie and Gil Dekel