By Natalie and Gil.

The rain does not fall out of ‘its own accord’; rather it is pulled down by the earth. And as the drops hit the roofs, the trees, the ground, they splash in such shattering joy, breaking up into millions of diamonds of Life; exploding with the earth in honour of the God which is within us all.

Yesterday, the rain was so fierce, almost violent in force and speed, splashing and then bouncing off back into the sky in a myriad of rainbow shatters. Despite its apparent ‘violence’ it held enormous beauty, joy and vitality. We were told that such violence is nothing to be ashamed of, or supress – and that we can learn from it something about how people operate in life.

'Rain Drops' - Gil Dekel

'Rain Drops' - by Gil Dekel

We were told that the rain followed a natural process of energy expressing vitality of life. Similarly our heart beats and pumps blood in a ferocious pulls-and-tag, being a powerful machine in the force that keeps us alive. Our lungs compress and expand. And very important: our Emotions…

Peoples’ emotions follow the same principle of powerful energy flowing from-and-to us. If someone pushes energy to you – whether positive or negative energy – it is because the time has come to be shattered by joy. The time has come to splash into millions lights, shimmering into the Past, the Future, and the Now.

19 June 2013.
© Gil and Natalie Dekel.