Open Up - tulip photo by Gil Dekel

‘Open Up’ (Photo by Gil Dekel)

by Pete White

On my journey, before I reached the dark night, I experienced an expansion of consciousness that showed me lifetimes sped up, the years went by, the seasons changed, and what was shown me was how nothing actually really changes, we’re born, we grow, we become rigid, with all the pain, then we erase it with death, and start again.

I think of life and liberation a bit like a fly repeatedly banging into a window, trying to get out, but it doesn’t see the window, it is ignorant to it, not until he finds, some stillness, can he even begin to conserve of the window, let alone see it, then, as he progresses, he sees that the window is made up of countless tiny vibrating particles of energy, when he see this, he realises, that actually, the window isn’t solid at all, he then thinks to himself, hum, well that is matter, and I am matter, let me look at me, then he looks at himself, and sees that he too is just a collection of vibrating particles of light.

And at this point he becomes aware that he and the window are both just a collection of tiny vibrating particles of light, at which point both the window and the self cease to exist, because he sees no difference between them, they are the same, they are both just tiny vibrating particles of light; what holds these light particles together is the sense of self as separate, the sense of self that says I must protect theses particles of light as they are my own, and I alone must sustain them, how exhausting to maintain god’s creation by yourself, release the burden let God and let Be as for only he can sustain us, in the light and the glory.

22 July 2017.
© Pete White, Gil Dekel, and Natalie Dekel.