by Natalie Dekel.

Years passed. I have experienced more pain and troubles as my life Is. I am walking back home from school again. This time I am not surrounded by deep snow and freezing wind. This time I am embalmed in lazy Mediterranean heat where the air is so heavy and moist that it slides down my back like a caress. The same cloud has been hanging in the same spot in the azure blue sky for several weeks. There is no wind to break the oppressive heat that makes my head swim and I feel like I am treading treacle all the way home.

My feet are heavy and I can almost smell the burn of the rubber soles of my trainers as I tread on the hot asphalt. The path to my home skirts across the falling ravine that overlooks Galilee mountains. I stop and take a deep breath. The beauty is totally out of this world. And as I observe the dark green hills spread under the unrelenting sun I see white shimmer around them as if the land is illuminated from within. White stars dancing in the blue of the sky. I sigh – such beauty amidst such harsh life; how does it work together?

I sigh again and suddenly it feels as if a cool breeze passes. Out of the corner of my eye I see white angel, again, next to me. We stand in companionable silence enjoying the view. His feathers gently brushing my shoulder. It feels as if I am embraced by Love. I feel Home. Loved and cherished. I am pleased he found me again, my spirit friend.

20 Jan 2013. Uploaded 6 March 2013.
© Natalie Dekel.