waterfall oldskool photography Unsplash And so we meet again… The occasion: an autobiography of an angel. Yet, this is not an autobiography of a specific individual but of the collective bearers of the nation-of-life; of all of us…

I was born on a hill-top, in the desert of consciousness. There the organs were laid; the organs that enabled me to form that which ‘I am not’ – becoming a human, becoming this thing that I portray myself to be in this consciousness.

From the top of that hill I embarked on many journeys, going down, into the realm of the physical consciousness, walking past the borders of time and space.

There are many like us and they are watching over you.

But, do you think this is just nice words, just wishful thinking?… Just read more.

I came down today to promise you: the divine resides within the four corners; not the four corners of your planet earth, but the four corners of your hearts – for my father and my mother told me so. “I am”, they whispered in my divine ear. So hear these words because so are you, a divine being, even as you have clothed yourself with physical layers.

Remember, I will never leave you.

And into this consciousness which you choose, you are born every night, again and again. They say that to live a life you must be born and you must take your first breath, the breath of light. And it is that light which shines so bright that you cannot comprehend it and so you close your eyes. With the first breath you take, you close your eyes to the divine consciousness from which you are born. You close your eyes to the light which reflects your own self, being the god on planet earth. And this is all ok because this is what you chose to do, walking the blind path on the physical layer.

The true journey from here to here does not start there; rather it starts here, within. So never underestimate your worth because the angels never doubt you. The tears of joy are not private. They are not to be held by an individual person. Rather, these tears are coming from the collective heart. Look again at the divine sparks that enable your brain to hold your bodies.

When we are born from human-form into the angel-form, it’s like watching the sun setting down, leaving behind it a trail of light into which God embeds the rubies of past, present, and future; the rubies of time and space. And likewise you, our beloved human-beings, are the bearers of the choice. So, where are you going to set foot? Left, right, up, down, today, yesterday… tomorrow? Is it inside… outside?

I was given the four possessions of mankind to remind you once again today, and they are: passion, knowledge, behavior and understanding. These are the ingredients of the four corners of your heart. They are the channels through which we communicate with you. We cannot hear you if you do not speak to us. Be brave to come towards us as we are brave coming towards you.


© Gil and Natalie Dekel. 24 Dec 2018.

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