By ‘Freedom’ (Spirit Guide channelled by Natalie Dekel, with Gil Dekel).

Sometimes it takes time to see the light from the woods you are going through… But once you know it is worthwhile, it will make your journey easier.

Know that you have two stars in your body around which a universe evolves. One is the head, the other is the heart. By focusing on the space between the two, you will find where you are. It is like the space between the sun and the moon, and that space is the perfect place to look for stillness, to find who you are. Before you focus there is blankness because you lose the familiar ground. Blackness is the struggling between the mind and the heart. But that is the way to leave the comfort zone so you can learn and grow and open up to the true freedom.

You have total freedom; you are like a listening sky… yet you spend so much time listening from the outside to yourself that you forget the answers within that are strewn upon you like stars. By looking within you will see that your prayers have been answered. Stand up, you do not need to knell anymore. A prayer does not have to be subservient. It can be simply a state of intent, of acknowledging who you truly are.

You may say, ‘But I have difficulties in my life, even pains’, however it is important to remember that any event, no matter how harsh or joyous it may seem, is but one of many scenarios you and others have planned to experience. And sometimes while acting the scene you may become so attached to your characters that you weep and become ill, or even die – forgetting that it is simply a play.

Nothing physical is forced upon you but by choice. Remember the theatre of life; remember the freedom and the prayers. Sometimes when you pray to feel compassion it can turn out to be an experience you may not necessarily have envisioned, for you to experience compassion. Your prayers are answered but be careful what you are wishing for. All prayers are answered. And all of them are scenarios in the play of life.

People can learn detachment. If ever you find yourself in pain, then by separating yourself from the event by force, you can observe it detached, and therefore remove the pain.

Detachment and listening to the inner self are the tools to heal. Those who want to will apply them. If I give you the rope and the hooks and tell you to climb, you can tell me, ‘Thank you for the philosophy, but it is not applicable’. It is because you have not been in the position when you are hanging off the rock and you know now that you have a hook and a rope. When people find themselves in a position to use these tools, and if they understand my words they would be able to save or ease themselves.

Your society does not understand pain and how to use it for healing. Pain is a natural part of healing, of detaching from the body and connecting to the spirit. Everything in life is about action. That is the nature of being alive. Sometimes it will look violent to us but it is necessary. You may need to fork your way to eat but it is also the way your heart beats – quite violently, the way your muscles and body acting. It is all initial perspective. You remember the theatre of life? That is part of our experience here, that once you have experienced one side then you need to experience the other, which is why many choose to come back to the physical world many times, to experience these different aspects of life. Our understanding of one side has been enormous, but limited on the other side.

And if you would just ask the questions then you would get the answers. Information is there accessible. Just ask, as all of it is in front of you. Only some of it is digestible to you, to your position in life, so you choose only small limited information. But you can know what full freedom is, and choose more information.

Where you are at this moment of your life is not important. The real eyes would see beyond categories, countries and ideals. The living God is within us all. There is a bigger picture to all the smaller pictures that fill the richness of experience. Let me help you feel the freedom so you can ease any pain or suffering.

You are loved in a different way to your expectations. The fact that you expect love to be what you want it to be, and then you do not see it as such, does not make it non-existent. It is still there. If you want to receive just one light of, say, yellow, it does not mean there is no other light. Love is not what you want it to be, it just is. If it follows precise recipes of your personal preferences it means it is not love. It is another type of desire. Just love things for what they are, not for what you want them to be. When you love, you affect the chemical property by just you blessing it for its existence.

The past is past and the present is the most important. Love the past because it has passed and left you with lessons. And enjoy the present. Feel your heart expanding – not with the thoughts of the past but with the joy of the present. The present has no regrets or bad memories of misinterpretation. It just is, non judgmental, flexible and open. That will bring true healing.

7 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.

The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel
on 31 Jan 2010, Southampton, UK.