By ‘Ever-rest’ (Spirit Guide channelled by Natalie Dekel, with Gil Dekel).

Some people live comfortably, yet not knowing who they are, they are trapped… Even if you surround yourself with comfort you can still remain uncertain. Only knowing who you are can bring you the peace and tranquillity your heart desires. As long as you limit the potential of who you are, you are not creative as such, and there is but a shadow of your true self. While you search for who you are you cannot remain silent but need to be creative. Creativity is explosive, as it cannot be shushed. Be curious and be creative and learn.

As you learn who you are you need to accept that you are different. No two beings are the same, as no two cells are identical. No two are duplicates. Everything is different, so do not be ashamed of that difference, rather glory in it and bask in your ability to be different – that is your contribution to the body of the universe. Search for it, look for the new-self that comes with new beginning. People rather hide their head in memories than start searching for new beginnings and facing new risks. So be that curious, be that ever beginning because the road is unfolding and you will not be granted a way back, even if you choose to. There is only one way for you and it is to grow.

When children want to speak they do not mind what comes out of their mouth. They know that they have to express themselves. This is a part of their creative urge. Language is the rhythm of life that expresses itself in a different energy using vocal vibration to give out. Not expressing yourself means you are blocking these vibrations. You are bottling them up, and they can explode. So now we are freeing it all. Better things be said than cover them with stone and let them rot. Life is about living, not dying.

When people refuse to be creative or express themselves they take their own power and give it to others who do express themselves. It might be that they choose to express themselves in violence or hurting, but they express it nevertheless. If you choose to be powerless, you choose to give away your energy. No one is truly powerless unless you choose to, and even that is temporary. The power is within. In every single moment is a decision to be made. Your cells are not powerless. They create and build a new person every day. Yet, some people perpetually like to take their power away. They would rather give it to anyone else but themselves. But the truth is that only strong beings can refuse to see their own light, simple because it is too bright for them to bear…

So open your eyes, look into the mirror, and try and see that light that is so bright that you cannot even face it square in the eye. And when you see that great brightness the fires in your heart, you start acknowledging who you truly are. This is the most significant thing in the world. There is only one like you and by being different it already makes a great significance, putting everything else in shadow. You are a wonderful being. Just remember who you are. Acknowledge that gift by being who you are, and by allowing others to be who they are.

If you expect people to fit into your patterns of what is required by you, then you are bound to disappointments. When you expect things to fit in with your ideas and concepts, you will be frustrated. Remember, as we already said, that everyone is different. How can they fit into your patterns of what you want, if they are different? If you truly love people around you, even if you truly love yourself, open these cages of expectations and just accept things as they come. Then you can be sure that no disappointment will be hidden in your body or your mind. And your heart can open up wider with life and love.

Acceptance and acknowledging your own power will show you the best light. But perhaps it was not acknowledged the way you expected. Some around you love you and appreciate you for who you are and would never have anyone else instead. Your unique being is here, and there is no need for bitterness for refusing to see your own light. No matter how much you cover it with darkness others can see even small sparks of it. The bitterness is only your own dirt trying to cover that beautiful light. I am afraid it does not work. So wash away the disappointment and bitterness and see the light for who you are.

Every answer to your question is already there and you yourself know it. When you ask a question sit down and look at the back of your mind. There is a stage there. And on that stage is a big screen. As you look at that screen you will see the answers to your questions in the way that is appropriate for you. All of your questions and all of your answers, and some more.

You can relax by practicing deep breathing; focus on your breathing. When you forget to breathe your body is automatically in a sense of shallowness and alert. That is what brings Adrenalin to the body, giving it a sense of panic and survival to keep it going, doing your business. When reality is imposed, self-imposed, deep breathing is all you require to start being again. Just deep breathing will do. Use the full chest, as deep and slow as you can possibly imagine, both in and out.

You all are where you supposed to be. Did you not figure it out? Everything you do here, has already been decided upon. Your work here has been predetermined by what it can help us achieve. I will say no more. You need to practice that theatre of yours, and deep breathing…


9 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.

The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel
on 5 Feb 2010, Southampton, UK.