The Hale-Bopp Comet, 1997, Iowa, USA – photo by © John Wenckby Gil Dekel, PhD.

The stillness of the soul is the only place where the human mind resides. This stillness can be defined as a timeless point, a point where there is only a Moment of Now. As this Moment is so ephemeral, it is extremely difficult for us to understand and feel it, and so we have been given an alternative system of perception designed to help us remember this Moment. That system we call ‘time’.

How was time created, and how can it help us?

The Moment of Now consists of a constant ‘energy’ in a form of a sound which was pulsating from the Universe. The sound was (and still is) echoing all through this planet, for eons, never failing to exist, as the sun never fails to rise into this planet’s mornings. However, this sound could not be heard by people because they were not evolved enough to listen…

As people could not stand still to listen and perceive that sound, it was then diverted from the Universe and into people’s hearts. The sound began to pulsate from within people, as a force that ‘turned’ angels into heart-beating humans. With hearts beating in their chest, humans gradually grew to sense that there is something that they cannot see with their eyes – some inner rhythm that was alive within. As they started to sense it, they began to reflect on its nature, and with the reflection they could finally hear it, not just sense it. When people first heard it – the departure from the stillness was complete, and time was created.

‘Boulders of Time’ – by © Gil Dekel

‘Boulders of Time’ – by © Gil Dekel

So, how can the creation of time help people remember again the Moment of Now?

Through the eyes-of-time, reality is seen as a continuum of past-present-future. With this concept, humans began to compare what seemed as a past with a present, and so observed their existence from various points of reference. Within the concept of time, the human mind could self-reflect. And as the mind began self-reflecting, it had to look at itself – at thoughts themselves. This process required a complete silence of the mind, so that humans could listen and hear the inner thoughts than run inside their minds. With the move into silence and listening, humans then entered a state where they could hear the source of Life – the all-pervading sound of the Universe. The energy of Life was then synchronised with The Moment of Now, and a timeless point engulfed the angelic-heart and the separated-mind of the enlightened listening one.

The Hale-Bopp Comet, 1997, Iowa, USA – photo by © John Wenck

The Hale-Bopp Comet, 1997, Iowa, USA – photo by © John Wenck

In truth, the departure from the Moment of Now has never occurred in times long forgotten; rather it happens all the time around us, today as much as in the past. It happens within every human being that falls into the abyss of forgetfulness, imagining that the soul resides within the mind, and forgetting that it is the mind which resides within the soul.

23 Oct 2010
© Gil Dekel

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