Part 2: Lessons from pages 31-41:

Past, present and future do not really exist.

We do not need to hide our emotions or thoughts from others, because all of us cooperate in all consciousness and reality.

This is Part 2.

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Conflicts steal away our energy. All creativity and consciousness have a quality of ‘playfulness’ as opposed to ‘work’.

You can be everywhere by simply imagining yourself there. Play with imagining sending your consciousness far as you can. The paths that we make in our consciousness ‘travels’ continue to exist, and these paths can be used by others. It is like leaving mental messages or signposts.

Before teaching other people, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of the particular system of reality in which the pupil operates. Understand the students’ system of thought; consider their needs.

Space doesn’t exist. The illusion of space is caused by our own perceptive mechanism and mental patterns that we have accepted in a particular stage of evolution.

When we are born we have a bank of memories, skills and abilities. They are not merely the result of heredity – rather we chose them.

The soul programs its own existence and lifetimes, while its creativity sometimes produces realities undreamed of by the soul before… Each person is born with a built-in idea of the reality in which it will operate, and its mental equipment is tailored to meet the specialised environments. It has full freedom within the context of existence which was programmed.

Within the person lies the condensed knowledge of the world… of everything. Each person can add creatively to its consciousness, through the reality in which they live. In that way anyone can break the barriers of reality.

The physical reality is not real. Since birth we are conditioned, so to speak, to perceive reality in a very limited (but intense) way. The physical senses provide little facts about reality.

Space and distance are an illusion. Our physical existence programs us to perceive space. Yet, the universe, as we know it, is our own reflection of events that operate upon three dimensional reality. These events are mental. We project them.

We can travel to the moon as the table holds objects on it. Time and space are a series of mental and psychic events. Every system of reality has its basic assumptions. Our reality is of ‘space and time’.

The soul has many perceptions. It can change the focus of its attention. To feel my body and feelings doesn’t mean that they are me – they are not me, rather they are my body… And likewise, I am not my consciousness, rather my consciousness is an attribute used by me. The soul is more than the consciousness. The soul is what stands behind; it controls the consciousness.

In dreams we enter into other systems of realities without the full participation of our conscious self.

The purpose of existence does not only lie in awakened life, but also in the parallel lives in dreams and in other realities. When we travel unto a dream reality we send only portions of ourselves, while we are still being aware of ourselves in our own environment.

Although the physical reality is an illusion, it is an illusion caused by a greater reality and it has purpose. The three dimensional experience allows for a training for the next stage. In a same way that a person remembers their childhood, which is important for the rest of their life – so do we now go a training process which is important for the next stage. We will continue to grow and develop.

Environments are not objective things that exist independent of you. We form them – they are extensions of yourself; materialized mental acts that extend outwards from your consciousness.

The mind can influence matter. The mind creates and forms matter. Our bodies are our creation. Our body is a corporeal personal environment. The inner-self creates the body by transforming thoughts and emotions into physical counterparts. We grow the body; its condition mirrors our subjective state at any given time. Using atoms and molecules we build our body and shape it into a form. Intuitively we do know that. We all know that we form our image and are independent of it.

We also create our environment and the physical world as we know it by propelling our thoughts and emotions into matter. The inner-self works individually and also in groups of other inner-selves. The inner-self sends its psychic energy out, forming energetic arms, so to speak, that merge into form. Each emotion and thought has its own electromagnetic reality, completely unique. It is highly equipped to combine with certain other emotions and feelings according to various ranges of intensity. Three-dimensional objects are formed like an image on a TV screen, using light and energy. But one can only see them if they are tuned to that frequency. Each of us acts as a transformer, unconsciously of course, transforming highly sophisticated electromagnetic units into physical objects.

We are in the middle of a matter-concentrated system, surrounded by weaker areas in which pseudo matter exists. We call this pseudo matter ‘space’, because the objects in ‘space’ are still forming themselves; they are not physical yet.

Each thought and emotion spontaneously exists as a simple or complex unit. The intensity determines the strength and the permanency of the physical image into which though and emotion will be materialized – so intensity makes everything real…

End of part 2.

This work © Gil and Natalie Dekel.
28 Dec 2015.