A ‘Passing Spirit’ (channelled by Natalie Dekel) in a conversation with Gil Dekel.

Passing Spirit: Underneath all there is pure and unconditional love, but it got twisted and tweaked about by the time it comes out in your world.

You can see pure love in children; just watch how they love their parents. Now, every child bears the memories of his parents – partially to relieve those memories (because children come to help their parents), and partially because that is what they are going to work on in their own life. Children set an example with their flow of emotions, their ability to express it and their ways of learning about various aspects of love.

Gil: But at this moment Natalie and I are doing some healing, and Natalie came up with a memory which you say belongs to her father. So how can this memory be released? Her father is not here with us.

The change in one person affects the other, because there are no borders or divisions. What is found in one is embodied in the other who is linked by emotion. Natalie’s father is linked to her by emotion, and he is healing now as she does.

So this memory of the father’s insecurities in his own childhood – how does it affect Natalie’s present life?

The insecurities and the patterns of thought are similar to both. Patters of self-worth and expression, the ability to stand up for oneself. These follow the father and the child. These patters are no different now than they were in the past, and they are memories extended from her father, which she later experienced in her lifetime.

By relating this image and understanding how to re-write that story a change has been already brought about into the energy pattern that affects the organ in which it was stored. As you know, memories and patterns are stored in the organs in your body.

Once you reveal the pattern, and identify the organ in your body where it is stored, you then need to see it with love and light, with loving eyes. See how love affects the image and cleanse the organ.

Love everything as if that is the only time you can do so. Live with intensity every moment as if it is the only one. Smell as if that is the only smell that exists just now. Breathe as if that is the only way to survive just now.

For example, you and me. We will never meet again, because I am a passing spirit. So why not savour this conversation, and our love for each other? We will never meet again, and this is the only chance to exchange that beautiful love, because truly we are one.

But in life you meet people again and again, day after day. It is not like you and me now, meeting once in a life time…

It will never be. When you see your daughter and she runs to you she knows that this is the only moment in her life that is like that. She gives herself fully because she loves you and she knows this moment will not repeat itself. And so do you.

When you open your eyes every second know that the cells that saw that image will not exist more than a few hours at most. When you eat your food know that the same taste will never come again. No sugar tastes the same twice; no apple does.

Your life is a decision to achieve and learn about more parts, and become who you want to be next. It is all a matter of decision and determination.

Where do you decide about this?

In your heart you make your decisions. Then use the faculties of your mind to achieve them. The same applies to every situation in your life. Things do not just happen, rather you happen to things. You do not just bump into events; you learn to navigate across them. It is a matter of decisions. Imagine that each of you is a ship. Do you let it steer itself as it will with the flow? Or do you want to navigate it and achieve what you want?

Now, know that there is a bigger picture. For example, suppose for a moment that a seemingly mistake was made which detours you from your original direction. Know that there was a reason for this to happen and there are consequences of a grander scale.

What is the reason for this?

Each event has its own reason. Let me tell you specifically about Natalie’s experience – as a child she was on the train with her mother one day. The train did not stop, and when they went off in the next stop there was an accident. A woman fell and was crushed by the trains. Natalie saw it.

Now, Natalie being in that place was not accidental, and seeing the death of that woman was not accidental. She was there to help and support those around her who saw it and guide the spirits to the gates of the passage. She was brought there for a reason. We are sending you all to the right places and at the right times, for a reason.

Do this strategy and sail your ship towards it, and we will help you to achieve it. And even if we create detours in your life, know that they are meant to help others along the way, and that they also enrich your own process of evolution.

4 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.
The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel on 25 Jan 2010, Southampton, UK.