by Gil Dekel.

In my dream of the 29 May 2011 a horrible war was raging in one of the shore cities in Israel. I was watching as cannons were firing iron balls of hates. I was not fighting myself, but being a spectator – just watching the battlefield from aside. Then someone from my own camp decided, as a joke, to turn some cannons around, and direct them at us, the watchers. They decided to fire the cannon at our legs. For some strange reason, this was a kind on joke to them, as they wanted to scare us a bit and see how we will behave.

Sure enough we ran for our life, not finding this amusing at all. As I was taking a shelter behind some rocks, I realized that I then could fly. Like a meteor I suddenly shot up high in the sky, but I decided that I want to look down back at Earth. Planet Earth now seemed so small and insignificant. All wars looked now miniature and irrelevant.

I could fly further up but was afraid to do so as it seems scary to continue upwards. I decided to stop right there in mid air, on the way between Earth and what felt like the Holy of Holies (Kadosh Kodashim קדוש קודשים).

In Between - by Natalie and Gil Dekel (Encaustic Wax)

‘In between’ (artwork by Natalie and Gil Dekel, 2011. Encaustic Wax and Photoshop.)

There, I suddenly felt an immense sensation of purity and joy. I had no body, but could still sense a self-presence, and in the core, in the middle of that presence a burst of unrealistic angelic joyness flooded the whole living-being with the light of love. It was the joy that makes life be.

I soon woke up from this dream.

Note: the original Hebrew phrase is Kodesh Kodashim קודש קודשים, however in my dream I was told a slight different version: Kadosh Kodashim קדוש קודשים .

3 August 2011. © Gil Dekel.