By the ‘Supreme Light’ (channelled by Natalie Dekel, with Gil Dekel).

A tree does not grieve for its leaves when they fall. It lets them fall knowing that it is their time to have freedom, and soon the tree has new leaves. Everything has its time and place. Many people hold on to grief and with it pain, and we wish to help them. Some are very brave by letting their loved one go. These people take their loved one to the edge, to the very edge, and let them fly. They do not castigate themselves for losing loved ones.

Those who you love are never lost. They are simply out of sight. And even then they are still here. The fact that the sunshine sets down and you do not see it does not mean it stops existing. It simply means there are times when we need to rest and let go of the sight of the past. Sometimes you spend your life seeing someone all the time, but without truly seeing them. Now, as your loved ones are gone off sight, then is the chance for you to see them for who they are.

Now, the touch that we yearn for is never enough. Even if you would hold my hand, it would not replace the spirit within. The spirit is gone from the body of your loved ones who passed away, and holding that body will not return what is not there. But the real touch now can be through emotion. Touching heart to heart.

Many people were brought up with ideals of how to express themselves in life, and some forms of expression are often seen as a weakness. But the fact is that when a Spirit comes through to someone the emotions just overflow, disregarding your ideals, and that is the true connectedness. Can you tell the sun where to touch with its heat? Can you tell the rain to stop in the middle and yet rain on the other side? So with feelings, it has to be self and whole encompassing.

Open your heart like the grave before the coffin is put down, and allow the grief to tumble down completely, burying you under that. In that way everything you know and make sense of collapses in your mind and heart, and a new shoot will come out, filling you with life. As long as you build up memories of the past you will keep stopping the progress, holding on to the old ruins that cannot be resurrected. It must be the destruction of that which you hold dear, so you can see things in a different light. In these terms there is death, but no one is truly dead, and for you to learn to live again you need to let go and be reborn. You have to experience grief, and then to go back to living again. Because, truly, between the two of us in this room only one of us is dead and it is not me…

You do not live if your mind is in the past or in the pain. So you must experience that destruction, let go, and then start again. Be encompassed by this pain, by this overwhelming sense of loss. This is the loss of yourself as you knew it, of course. The loss of everything around you as you knew it. Expand the pain and the grief, and then lose yourself within it. And if you do it correctly it should not last long. Now, each person is different. Even you know that you cannot build a new building while you have an old one there.

So, if you are in grief, then increase it, and then, when everything blows away you will survive again. And you will still feel the loved one next to you. I said my words. Put it online so many can understand that; they need to hear these words.

Now, we move on… Things progress in the way they should. The pain and the suffering come from resistance to the natural progression. You can align yourself to the natural progression, by accepting it. Accept the inevitable. Stop narrowing yourself and judging what passes in your mind, and in your heart. Try to de-limit things. Just accept who you are, and what you feel, in its totality.

Some people may say that they do not know themselves in the totality, and yet they seem to know enough to limit it and to limit themselves… Simply accept now that you are more than you can even imagine. Say to yourself ‘I am love and light. I freely express myself in all ways’. There is no going back and forth; all of you are at once in me.

Sadness is a forgetful stage. It is the focusing on the details and not seeing the bigger picture. Celebrate every moment. Because each emotion, each event brings more variety to the light that already is. There are many levels to the light. Many aspects to it. Even the rainbow that you can see with the physical eyes has many colours. Certainly light encompasses much more. Sometimes by seeing one shape it seems you have seen it all. But you can only see one aspect at a time. None is better than the other, and none can claim supremacy over the other. All are equal and yet different. So see more light, learn more light untill you come back and we are all one, so to speak.

Be content with whatever comes. Be eager enough to celebrate it in every way possible. Contentment does not mean to give up and go along. Contentment means being in the present and being patient enough to see it unfolding.

The desire to grow is the only way to live. There is only one aspect to our life and it is growth. If you put one cell in the universe it will keep growing. That is how nature is. It is how you and I are. Sometimes when we start to grow, or when we start a new project, we are excited but terrified by the possibilities. Sometimes the practicalities can be daunting because we cannot conceive of the light we will bring by that project, not only to ourselves but to those around us. If we take the example of grief, by approaching the hospital and spending the last three weeks sending somebody to their light path, you can say that it is a beginning of a new project and it has met with much reluctance and resistance on all sides. And yet the light that was yet to come from that is inconceivable to you now. The help we all receive from that is immense.

If a child can see only one way, and you tell them ‘let us do a shortcut’ then they will become upset and angry at you. The child does not understand why you do not choose to go the way they know. They will be upset and resistant. The same in your body, where pain is stored in your organs, and you and the organs refuse to release this pain. The organ gets upset, like a child, and that is when illnesses coming to the body. Yet in the long run they will see the benefit. What you see here is resistance to see the long term. You are only hurting yourself. So release that, and relax. Remember, you are here to live.

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4 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.
The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel
on 30 Jan 2010, Southampton, UK.