The Swivel Universe (art by Natalie and Gil Dekel)

‘The Swivel Universe’ (art by Natalie and Gil Dekel)

By Aaron (Spirit Guide channelled by Natalie Dekel, with Gil Dekel).

Have faith even in the most difficult situations because underneath the mud and the rubble is a core of steel in you. A core of steel that is not bending with the weather or circumstances. It is as strong as the light around you and it will brings you comfort and strength, and let them blossom when the time is right.

Sometimes to experience the complete wholeness of the being you are and remembering who you are, you have to stretch your comfort zone leaving all that you know. You have to be alone in circumstances you are not comfortable with so that you can shake off the convenience of the body and can then remember the spirit that brought you this life.

On the way home in terms of spiritual step and growth you have to let go and release any sense of control. When you trust life you flow with whatever it brings you; you do not fight it. You embrace everything on your path. In order to fly you need to fall. In order to fall you need to let go completely and trust that all is as it should be. You are protected on your path. All you need is trust, yet it is hard for you to have trust when there are so many events in your life that seem to undermine it.

Trusting possessions, people, and circumstances is not enough because they are peripheral to the main picture. What you need to trust is the inner light, the intuition and the gut feeling in every situation. Trust to look beyond the surface; that is where true trust lies – not in appearances but in the core of events and people.

Some events can scare everything out of us; can make us look bleakly at life, afraid to love. But only when you put down the defences and open yourself to that bleakness, that you can move on and see the light. If you keep the light from entering the darkness you will never learn where the light is coming from. Not the artificial, not the safety of home or people around you, but the light within that is brighter than any darkness you can ever find yourself in.

As we grow older we build up fences to protect ourselves from the inevitable hurt in life. But we can only grow with every event. You cannot go through life safe in that stone castle you build across your hearts. That is not growth; that is trying to stop the growth. If you are trying to protect a tree by building a stone castle above it and around it, it will protect it for a while but then it will stop its growth and stop light coming through along with the elements of the weather, so you do not help that tree. And your soul is that lovely young tree, yearning for love and light and growth, to expand more than it is now.

When we try to protect ourselves we sometime choose to do so by closing our eyes and not seeing. Not because we don’t want to but because it is easier to close our eyes and think that if we cannot see then nothing can hurt us. It is a self-imposed blindness that brings bitterness and missing out on life. We need to shake it off if we want to learn to see beyond what is around us, to learn to find beauty and love, even in the events that hurt us too much, such as loving someone and being rejected.

Being rejected hurts you, but the beauty is that one learns different types of love and learns to open himself to more opportunities that are there in front of him. Sometimes life deals us with shocks, with difficult events that hit us, leaving us empty. Which is good because only by letting go of all emotions we can embrace what really is at the bottom of this. It allows us, the system, the body, to let go of what was underneath. In a way the event that put your defences up before, brings a new event like this that smashes the defences, allowing the true inner powers to come out and build a better level and grow.

Most people choose to block events or people that they cannot deal with. Most of these emotional blocks go into their body unawares, until they build up and the pressure is strong enough to explode. Illness comes; fatigue and general upheavals. This is what ‘bottled up’ means. When the pressure of all the emotions that were put aside, of worries, of sadness, of pain building up. It needs to be let go, being embraced for what they are and accepted. That is the only way to move on; not being terrified of dealing with it but embracing it, like swimming in a swimming pool that is too cold at first. Perhaps it can shock the system when you put your toe in the water, but if you jump into that and start swimming you find that the water is pleasant and cool and not at all what you thought at first.

Be who you are. Embrace life. Open your arms like the wind and open your heart. It is the only way to live.

7 Feb 2010. Photo upload 23 Dec 2015.

The conversation was channelled through automatic-speech with Natalie Dekel
on 2 Feb 2010, Southampton, UK.