Ancient Egypt Pyramid Reed - by Gil DekelBy Reiki Masters Natalie and Gil Dekel.
*The information was received in a channeling session*.‎

Question: How did the ancient Egyptians sense things that we cannot sense today?‎

Answer: They were of a mixture of people, some were from previous civilization and these people had ‎unique abilities.‎

What technology did they use?‎

The sounds that you cannot conceive at the moment.‎

In what way? ‎

Some of them could still hear deep sounds and communicate using them. Once that generation ‎passed, others developed machinery to use sounds.‎

What were these machines made of? Plastic? Metal?‎

Particles of sand. They used natural environment to co-create sound that would transfer from place to ‎place. This was their technology.‎

How did they transfer sound using particles of sand?‎

The same way they used it for building. They would use sound as a lifting tool to create architectural ‎structures.‎

Did they move big stones using sound? How can sound move heavy stones?‎

Have you ever seen how sound can make sand jump, for example, when you place sand on your ‎speakers and turn them on – the music will kick the sand, which will jump… In the same way the sound ‎of the universe can even create explosions of lava. It is very powerful.‎

Ancient Egypt Pyramid Reed - by Gil Dekel

‘Ancient Egypt’ (art by Gil Dekel)

I thought that heat creates explosions of lava.‎

Heat is created from air combustion. The air in itself is a sound.‎

Air is sound?‎

Yes. If you say the sound “Ohh” you are using air to do so… and you also produce energy doing so.‎

Why did they build the pyramids in their famous geometrical shape – base and triangles? Why not as ‎square houses?‎

Because of the intensity of the energy that the shape produces, as well as its specific direction. The ‎direction of the pyramids helped them to communicate with those who left behind.‎

Left behind?‎

Those from the previous civilization who did not come to Egypt. They stayed in the previous ‎civilization. Some of you call it ‘Atlantis’. Those who stayed in Atlantis would communicate with those ‎who came to Egypt, using sounds transmitted from the pyramids. Today you are using satellites, wi-fi ‎and internet technologies to communicate…‎

How did they translate the sounds into meanings?‎

The same way you work with your language now. If you learn a language, you understand the sounds, ‎and you perceive meanings. Somebody else who’s not used to your language – English, for example – ‎will not understand anything you say, apart from hearing generic sounds. In the same way, the ‎Egyptians could make sense of the sounds they spoke.‎

Is it true that they used salves in ancient Egypt, around that time?‎

Not then; and not in the terms that you conceive in your imagining today.‎

How long the ancient Egyptian dynasty lasted?‎

Just a few thousand years.‎

Just? It’s not ‘just’, it’s a lot…‎

At the time it wasn’t a lot. It was the dying-out of a previous civilization trying to adjust with the loss of ‎the environment.‎

How did they ‘lose’ the environment?‎

Partially due to their own misuse of the environment. They destroyed it, and had to move to Egypt. In ‎Egypt they had to adjust. They used the pyramids to communicate with each other.‎

If they were so advanced in Atlantis with their technology (more than us today) how come they ‎misused the environment?‎

The words “so advanced” are comparative?‎


Well, it’s not correct. They were more advanced than you in some ways, and not advanced in others ‎ways.‎

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16 Nov 2014.
‎© Gil and Natalie Dekel.‎

Gil Dekel (PhD) and Natalie Dekel (MPhil) are Reiki Teachers/Masters and visionary artists.