Natalie Dekel.

Mom came to me two years after she died from cancer, with strong visions and words of comfort. While in my mind were the shadows of her death, now she came with the lights of the Living Words; showing me how I can release grief and move forward in life:

Daughter, listen to me. In my physical form, I tried to show you how much I love you even when I could not acknowledge it. My head was perpetually full of worries and fears, and self-limiting beliefs (voices of my parents echoing in me.)

Now, I want you to know that I ALWAYS loved you no matter what it looked like or what I have said or done. I have brought you these images today (that I have shown you in your vivid dreams last night) so you could see me from aside, not as a daughter-child, nor as a relative. I wanted you to see me as an outsider so you can understand me better.

Yes, you grieve my passing – it is perfectly natural. Let it spill out, do not suppress it. I grieve for you too. I grieve for what I have not done, have not said. That is why I stayed for so long on earth, in the hospital. Even as my body could not contain the cancer any longer, my soul refused to leave. I stayed beyond endurance because I wanted to be with you and show you my love as much as I could.

Let it go now. Breathe deeply; enjoy the life you have, the people around you and do things you love doing because that is what this is all about. The only limitations that exist are in our heads.

What stays FOREVER is LOVE and acceptance of how things are, and so flow with wherever life takes you.

Today I have sent you images of yourself as a child of twelve years old. These visions show you the times for which you are grieving for yourself. You grieve for your loss of childhood, the shift from hopes to pragmatism and endurance. Grieve for it, and release it as the past has come and gone while its wisdom remains with you. You are who you are because of the past, so do not just grieve the loss but celebrate the gaining of wisdom and the eternal process of self evolvement. This is who we are – the bearers of the Present Light.

When I was amongst the living you used to tell me about the spiritual in life, and sometimes I would also read about it. But I did not understand it then. Nor did I understand it when I just died; it took me some time…

Yet, time does not really exist. The process of evolution exists, but not time.

The man you saw today in the vision I sent you is your grandmother’s father (from your father’s side). He was a scholar above all, and a believer. He came today to tell you that no matter how much your body aches, as you plough the field of Life; and no matter how much tiredness and challenges life brings you to face the earth – always look up. Look up and see the light of opportunities, the light of Being, and the eternal truth of the Universe which is beyond the darkness of fears and limitations. Look up to see the support you are receiving. You are NOT ALONE. You are guided and supported at all times.

Always KNOW this and seek our skills, knowledge and support. We are here for you and we support you as you are changing the DNA of our family’s twisted beliefs and karma, which we held for so long. You are changing it now with everything you do on Earth. You are releasing the knots of past ideas and believes. Remember that Free Will and Choice are always yours. Do only that which you truly desire to do and be FREE.

Love the miracle you Are.

We are here together with you and for you,


13 Oct 2011 – 21 Jan 2012.
© Natalie Dekel.