Chakra Art (#66) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#66) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

By Natalie Dekel, Reiki Master/teacher.

The more you work with energy, the more you feel what comes your way. You can sense the type of energy that people and objects project, whether it is good energy or less beneficial energy.

I call this observation of energy from things – ‘Reading’. Just as you learn to read a book and suddenly instead of weird shapes (shape of the words) you can gather new information or understand something better, so you can read people, animals, and objects.

With Reiki practice you can learn to sense and ‘read’ energies from people or from objects and places – and if the energy is not right for you, then you will simply avoid it. Therefore it is not just reading for the information sake but also for the wisdom to deal with various situations. You learn to avoid what can harm you and instead you can go to what can help you evolve and grow.

Ultimately there is no really good and bad energy, as energy is just energy. However some energy vibrates on lower levels so to speak and draws to it certain people, places, objects. In my experience once you lower yourself to that level it is hard to get out of it or elevate yourself beck to higher frequencies. So the more you eliminate negative situations, the more you keep your energy on a higher level – the more you will continue to evolve rather than giving your energy away or leaking energy to those who are ‘needy’ around you.

We, as human beings, leak energy all the time, hence illness and tiredness show up in our life. We give our energy unaware to people and places around us because we are taught that to love is to give, to need, and to ‘fix’ all the time… In reality love needs nothing, it gives and receives equally without needs. It is different energy all together from the ‘business’ of relationships that we were taught, which goes like this: if you love me then you will do… or feel in certain ways; if you love me, then you will fix this and that. This is really a business; a conditional approach to relationships that has nothing to do with love and everything to do with need and a lack-thinking.

Going back to the meaning of reading energy – reading is basically listening. It is about being in a state where we carefully listen to what we sense is coming from people. Listening to your intuition; it’s gut feeling.

Some of us are more visual than others, so they can listen and receive images, and then interpret them. There is no rule to what you receive when you listen. What you see is yours, and you have to translate it yourself because it’s based on your interpretation of energy. It may not mean anything to another person (translator of same energy). I am, for example, a visual person; I usually see things.

Obviously, if you see things know that they are visual metaphors to what you know already verbally. Some things are trickier to interpret, but you will always see things that are meaningful and suitable to you, and which you can interpret. Somebody else will receive something else. Gil (my husband) is a ‘knowing’ person and he will get a ‘knowing’ sense rather than a vision. Yet, this is not a clear-cut, as sometimes he will also get visions and I will get a ‘knowing’. Some people can hear and some people can smell. Sometimes you have a variety of sensations that are changing as you evolve.

Chakra Art (#65) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#65) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

When you do healing (with Reiki), you want to sense and read what you get from the other person. When you start working on someone/something just put yourself aside and listen to what you get. Sometimes, you might have a feeling that says that actually, there’s no need in doing healing in a certain place because it’s not where the problem lies. Allow yourself to be led to what needs to be healed with people and objects.

As an experiment, take an object that someone has had for a while. Try to read the impressions that are stored within. Energy leaves prints. You can’t help it. There’s nothing in the world that exists that doesn’t leave prints. Everything is energy and there is only energy all around us and within us. Some impressions are so strong that they become visual – people call them ‘memories’ or ‘spirits’. Whatever it is, we can read it and learn from it.

It can be images, it can be sensations; the more you practice it – it’s a muscle, basically – the more you become accurate to the point where some people say, “Oh, you’re psychic!” Really, what you’re doing is reading what’s there is in the first place. You’re so attune to listening, to intuition, that you simply become accurate interpreter of the impressions, of energy.

Have you got any sensations? Maybe colours, images, knowing…?

We also want to learn why we get what we get; is it a symbolic meaning or literal. What is an impression or vision mean to you? Knowing can be very straightforward and sometimes you get a word and you are not sure what it means. In such case, feel into it. Can you relate to it in any way? Feel the energy or sensation, touch it; feel what’s coming to you without analysing. Just open yourself up to receive.

Sometimes you work on the body and you sense that there’s something there so big and difficult that you want to remove. There’s a big essence locked in there, whether it’s physical like a tumour or non-physical; emotion … in which case, I would recommend to use imagination to let it out. You can scan the person in your mind’s eye, find where the problems are, find what it is related to and just use imagination to get it out. Then you can imagine yourself cutting it out or burning it out. It’s all in the mind, the power of the mind and imagination.

Some people recommend imagining that you are extending your fingers. You extend your fingernails, draw the energy, put Cho Ku Rai in each one to make it positive and ‘dig’ the issue out. This is called ‘psychic surgery’. It’s an energy tool.

You can also imagine that you’re doing a proper surgery – opening the issue up. You may even see the tissues around it, the texture, colours and this vision would probably be real if you were to scan it on MRI… When you get it out, sense that there’s nothing left. You can clean the area; add Reiki healing.

You can sometimes sense if there is an inflammation; I then imagine aloe vera cream that I spread inside on the inflamed area, because green energy is healing. You can imagine “Reiki drip” like in a hospital, and leave it for 24 – 48 hours to  works. Or you can imagine “Reiki drain” when you drain whatever it is out of the system, and into the core of the earth.

The most important part of it is that you use your imagination for healing purposes.

Chakra Art (#30) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#30) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

The older the issues or objects are, the more memories and energy will be imprinted on them. That’s why it is easy to start with rings that people wear, as there’s so much memory there. Sometimes you get a snatch of the past, sometimes it can be the essence, so it’s very different. You learn to recognize the energy to the point that you’re not walking in the unknown.

I worked with my mum when she had cancer. We changed her health through a ‘journey’ process, psychic surgery and Reiki healing. We changed the tumour from solid to liquid in less than a month. It was a very violent cancer so when the doctors did a surgery later on, they expected it to be completely spread out but it wasn’t; I think it’s because of our work.

Imagination and intuition all come from the hypothalamus area in the back of the head where all the psychic abilities of the higher senses are locked in. In Yoga tradition, they teach that there is a pearl of immortality at the back of your head. You gain energy when you use this area. I suspect there’s something there that truly controls all these ‘non-realistic’ sides of our existence. We can’t logically explain every single thing. In fact, logic is quite limited especially when it comes to understanding people or situations.

Now, while it is great to work with intuition and imagination, it will not produce best results unless you are grounded to the Earth. Until I have finished my Yoga teacher training course I didn’t realize that it is not enough being in the spirit awareness or in the imagination. That was the place I felt comfortable, I grew up in it and stayed in. I always thought it’s enough to know what’s happening in the spirit arena, but unless you’re grounded, there’s no point. My knowing had no touch with application in reality, to actions that in turn may produce healing and growth.

You can’t make a cake with just water and air. There has to be some solid foundation and that’s the true power of our being in a physical reality in a body. If you’re grounded, you can’t have a scattered mind. Ok, yes, I feel energy so what do I do with it?… When you’re grounded, you can heal, you can change, you can do a lot because we are the body, in a physical realm on the earth. We have to connect and merge the air and the physical together. That would be heaven on earth literally.

Basically, Reiki is about connecting to your intuition and the gut feelings. Then you can do anything and everything about it. It’s also about imagination. We’re told as children, “don’t imagine things. It’s just imagination, it is silly, it’s not real.” But the thing is whatever you imagine, something had created it, something spawned it all. Without it we may have never developed our scientific developments such as the wheel, the submarine or the space ship. If Jules Verne and other artists would not imagine airplanes, perhaps we’d never have created them. A lot of science fiction actually has either happened or may happen, so I wouldn’t disregard imagination. You can use it to boost your immune system. Don’t just say, “Oh, I have just imagined something, it is not real.” Use it as a tool. Use it to feel, to sense, and to read people and situation around you.

© Natalie Dekel. 1 April 2017.