Dr. Gil Dekel

Learning days with photographer Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki Master/Teacher.

The way we look at things influences the way we experience life. It is therefore beneficial ‎for the mind and the soul to ‘learn how to see’… ‎

  • Would you like to see beauty around you, while taking photos?‎
  • How about learning to sense the calming properties that life has to offer, while taking ‎photos?‎

What is PhotoHealing? ‎

Everyone can take photos, but not everyone sees the beauty and healing that life can offer.  ‎PhotoHealing is the art of sensing the ‘positive’ in life, and ‘absorbing’ it into your body and ‎ heart. Once you see the ‘magic’, then your camera will also be able to ‘see’ and capture it.‎

There is no special trick in doing so. All it takes is opening one’s mind, and learning to observe the‎ splendour that is all around us.

In PhotoHealing sessions we do not focus on the technical side of using cameras, although I will provide guidance and share some ‎technical tips I have learned along the way. Yet, the main focus will be learning to see and truly sensing the ‎scenery around us. We will do so through some photography concepts and life-enhancing observational techniques that I will teach you. Some concepts are: Space (Realistic, Conceptual) – View point (High angle, Low angle) – Composition  –  Depth of Field – Movement  – Projection of shadow – Balance – Lines – ‎Form – Shapes – Light – Colour – Texture.‎

Learn to see not just with your two eyes, but also with your ‘third’ eye, to improve your life quality and your photography.
– Gil Dekel.

Examples of PhotoHealings by Gil.


Facilitator Gil Dekel:

Gil Dekel is trained graphic designer and photographer, holding a PhD in Art, Design and ‎New Media (from the University of Portsmouth). He is also Reiki Master/Teacher, facilitating ‎healing activities.‎

Gil has years’ experience in photography, film-making, marketing, and visionary art workshops. He ‎specialises in processes of creativity and inspiration. Gil is also Associate Lecturer for the Open ‎University on the Design Thinking course.‎ More about Gil see here.

Sessions usually go like this:

  • We meet in agreed place (can be outdoors or indoors).
  • A few minutes chat about the camera that you have, and some quick tips for camera handling.
  • We will discuss how photo-taking relates to wellbeing and healing?… I will share my experience of learning to ‘see’ and take photos using more than just my eyes…
  • We will have fun taking photos, and discuss them. I will work with you before, during, and after the photos shooting.
    We can cover:
    * preparation for taking photos.
    * how to benefit from good composition, light etc.
    * review of the photos once taken.

Although this is not a Photoshop lesson and not a graphic design workshop, still I will share some valuable Photoshop and graphic design tips for improving your images.

You do not need any special skill or photography experience to join. Beginner and ‎experienced are welcome. For groups and 1-to-1. A good camera will be useful, but you can use any camera you ‎have.‎ I use Canon EOS 400D with Sigma lens 18-200mm Macro.

Where? – in and around Southampton, Hampshire, England.‎

Dates/times/cost?contact me here for details (sessions length vary from 1 hour to full day).‎

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