Natalie and Gil Dekel

Gil Dekel (PhD) and Natalie Dekel (MPhil) are Reiki Masters, with years’ experience in ‎facilitating meditations that heal and empower people.‎

“Guided meditations are simple practice to help you find inner peace, self-realization and ‎clarity. In a meditation the muscles relax, your perception is sharpened, and a process of ‎cellular healing begins. People report on a sense of appreciation, and with it a growing clarity ‎about what they need to do next in order to move forward in life.” – Natalie and Gil.

‘Shedding the remains of the past’ meditation with Natalie Dekel, MPhil.‎


Chakra Art (#68) - by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

Chakra Art (#68) – by Natalie Dekel. Encaustic Wax technique.‎

[Scroll down to book] Through meditation we can accept our worries, fears, and confusions – instead of judging or ‎‎‘fighting’ them – and by accepting we can then resolve or let them go. ‎

In a meditation with us, you will notice your breathing as this will help you stop the constant ‎‎‘chatter’ in the mind. When you focus on your breathing, and not on your thoughts, you then ‎find a ‘realm of patience’, so to speak, which resides in you. Breathing does not supply only with ‎oxygen to the body, but also other energies. These energies nourish the organs, stimulate ‎healthier blood flow, open-up your chakras (energy centres) and ground you to the Earth.

Angel RafaEl - by Natalie Dekel, June 2011.

Angel RafaEl – by Natalie Dekel.

In a personalised meditation session we will guide you in using tools to boost your spiritual ‎growth and financial freedom. At the end of the day, we are all on the same soul journey ‎towards mastery, and on this path we meet people who can share their gifts and help us.

‘The moon of the inner heart’ meditation with Gil Dekel, PhD.‎

Book your personalised meditation session with Gil or Natalie. You can tell us the issue you ‎want to work on or any initial question you may have –> contact us here. ‎ Personalised Meditations last between 45minutes to 1 hour. Cost £72. We can work online or meet up in ‎person.‎



Example of guided meditation where we discuss the layers of burden that people carry ‎with ‎them, and how to remove these layers:‎

As you sit in a meditation session with us, you may sense an inner light and wisdom that reside ‎within you. You may also see that there are ‘layers’ that cover and hide your light and true-‎self… These layers can be removed.‎

First, try to acknowledge that we all ‘carry’ heavy loads on our shoulders, in our bodies, and in ‎our hearts. We tend to ‘carry’ memories, emotions, and perceptions from the past, which do ‎not serve us anymore in our day to day life. When it comes to releasing one’s patterns of ‎behaviours, what we need to do is throw away these old ‘layers’ that we have accumulated.‎

* The first layer is solid as stone. This layer is about how we present ourselves to other people ‎‎– how we portray ourselves to others. This layer is firm and fixed, almost unchangeable. At ‎first, it seems to serve us as it protects our vulnerable-self. However, it also blocks our true-self, ‎filling us with worries. It is a layer built entirely on fears, which you have kept inside and hid ‎from other people for a long time. ‎

Now, imagine you are holding a hammer – with each breath you take, imagine energy flowing ‎to the hammer – and as you exhale, imagine the hammer knocking down the stone layer. Knock ‎the layer down, bit by bit, until it is completely shattered…

The Healing Wheel. Is your ‘wheel’ ‎balanced and attuned?‎

The Healing Wheel. Is your ‘wheel’ ‎balanced and attuned?‎

* The next layer is like a metal net. This layer represents other people’s judgements about us – ‎but in truth it is not what other people think of us – rather it is how you think others see you. ‎Judgement comes from other people (family, friends, religions), but if you take it on yourself, ‎you then cage it inside, turning it into your identity.

In truth, any judgement or opinion thrown at you is a reflection of your innermost thoughts that ‎you have about yourself. Your thoughts and fears are reflected through other people. But at the ‎same time you will realise that when people are talking about you, in fact they are talking ‎about themselves. What people say has nothing to do with you at all, unless you decide to take ‎it personally. If something in you resonates with it, you will then take it on yourself.‎

To release yourself from this net, take imaginary scissors and tweak it open so as to bend it out. ‎You can then get out of the metal net, and throw it into a fire of unconditional love, where ‎unwanted layers disintegrate.

You may feel small and light after removing these layers because they made up a sphere of ‎identity that you have been attached to. It takes adjustment. However, size and shape are no ‎longer important because what is far more essential is your inner fire. The inner fire can only ‎spread in your body once you remove the cages, and when you grant freedom to your true self.‎

* The third layer to remove is the layer of thoughts. This is the layer that encloses your ideals, ‎feelings, and opinions. It stops the circulation of energy; and what is worse is that it is semi-‎transparent so people do not recognise it easily.

To remove it, simply peel it off your neck, shoulders, hands, back, and stomach; and then throw ‎it away through your feet, and into the fire of unconditional love.

When you remove this layer, you will breathe-in light and radiate it to other people around you. ‎You will then notice any negative thoughts as they come, and be able to replace them with ‎positive and stimulating ones.

* Next, cleanse the layer of emotions. This level may look like tangled roots. Cut them off, ‎and throw them into the fire. As they crack and disintegrate into ashes, an atmosphere of life ‎and joy will gently replace the ‘nothingness’. You will feel more balanced.

At last, you can step into the body of light – a transparent energy where peace and love reign. ‎This auric field will not only serve as your peace zone but also as a protective sphere to remind ‎you of your true identity and calling.‎

Meditation is a powerful process which requires a willing spirit. It allows for growing ‎awareness, and creates a room of wisdom in your mind and soul. In today’s fast-paced life style, ‎meditations help people to better grasp their inner reality and put the outer reality in ‎perspective.

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