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Hebrew Letters Meditation Vision (art by Natalie Dekel)

By Gil and Natalie Dekel.

The Hebrew language is one of the oldest languages remaining. It has been untouched for ‎thousands of years as followers of the Jewish tradition consider it sacred.

According to the Kabala (Jewish mysticism) God has created the world with a thought which ‎manifested into a breath and then solidified into letters. The letters formed the first word. ‎Words are physical manifestation of thoughts, and they pave the way to actions.‎

Every moment our Universe is being re-created again and again with the breath and letters ‎carrying energy that reverberate into each molecule of our existence.

This mystical story from the Kabala comes to teach us that people (who are created in the ‎‎‘image and likeness of God’) also have the power to influence reality with their speech. ‎People’s thoughts and words co-participate in the process of creating life. But, depending on ‎our awareness and understanding, we can create either positive or negative vibrations of ‎energy and life experiences. What we think we manifest; and what we say we put forward.

Each one of us has been given a name at birth. Names are made of letters and energy that ‎add insight to our path. We are affected by the energy of each letter, which in turn we apply ‎with our thoughts, feelings and actions.‎ When you learn the energy behind the letters, and their sounds, you can direct them in a ‎constructive way so to add positive light and relationships with yourself and with people ‎around you.


‘Alef’ – Hebrew classes, Sundays morning.

Book here. Pay with card, or paypal (Input £60, or £54 student.)

Contact us here.


‘Shalom’ – Hebrew classes through art-making

You can learn Hebrew while creating simple art works based on the shapes of the Hebrew ‎letters, and the meanings they bring. No previous artistic skill is required. We developed a ‎course for children, but parents can also join. We may also tailor a workshop for adult ‎audience if there is demand.‎ Through art-activities participants can grasp the ‘essence’ of the letters more deeply, and ‎enhance association to the language. The classes help appreciate different cultures, develop ‎flexible interpretations of communication, as well as improve hand-eye coordination, ‎mental awareness and attention to detail.

Shalom: Hebrew classes through art-making

Shalom: Hebrew classes through art-making

The method of learning Hebrew through art-making was developed by Dr. Gil Dekel and ‎Natalie Dekel, MPhil – both are teachers and artists, and are fluent in Hebrew.

All welcome. Materials and light refreshment provided.‎ Classes are online, and also in Southampton, England, UK, on Sundays mornings.‎ Venue/times subject to change.

Contact us here (pls leave a message saying you are interested in the Hebrew classes Southampton).

9 March 2015. Updates 19 Jan 2020.‎
© Gil and Natalie Dekel