CKR - Reiki SymbolBy Reiki Masters/Teachers, Natalie and Gil Dekel.‎

In this free chapter extract from our Reiki 3 PDFs we discuss Reiki energy techniques:‎

Energy Techniques

It may sound somewhat strange that we – beings made of energy and surrounded by ‎energy – have to learn how to use energy… And yet, we have spent centuries denying our ‎heritage of using our powers, and so now we need to re-learn it. We need to learn how to ‎use the energy to undo the blockages we have created when we hang-on to negative ‎thoughts, emotions and old patterns.‎

Reiki works on one range of energy-vibration that exists in the Universe. You will learn to ‎sense the energies, so that you can feel them coming from inside and also from ‎everything around you. You will learn the different nuances of the energy – how energy ‎that is coming from trees vibrates differently from energy that is coming in rain water, ‎for example.‎

‎There are several ways of using energy. The more you work with it, the stronger you are ‎tuning into it. ‎

In Reiki levels 1 and 2, we learn how to work with the energy and how to cultivate it on ‎physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Masters are using the energy for clearing objects ‎and places, or to improve the work of instruments or computers. Be guided by your ‎imagination and intuition to take the energy where it feels right.‎

Each one of us has a special purpose to perform on this planet. And while you will learn in ‎this course how to use Reiki in Usui’s way, take it and use it in your way. If this means ‎creating art as a spiritual way for your energy to bring healing, then do so. If it means ‎composing, then this is fantastic. And if it means cooking with Reiki energy and making ‎special Reiki jams, that’s absolutely fine… Follow whatever you are guided to do. ‎

The following energy techniques are discussed in detail in the PDFs manuals:‎

  • Usui Self-treatment
  • Scanning ‎
  • Smoothing down the aura
  • Affirmations
  • White light flame ‎
  • Hatsu Rei Ho
  • Many-hands technique
  • Protective dome
  • Passive method
  • Active Reiki method ‎
  • Visualised psychic surgery
  • Keteuki Kokan
  • Focusing Ki into a laser beam ‎
  • Reiji Ho Mudra – the cone
  • Beaming
  • Koki Ho – Breathing
  • Gyoshi Ho – Gaze
  • Radiating.‎


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3 March 2016.
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