Counselling and creative workshops with Gil Dekel, PhD, visionary artist and Reiki Master/Teacher

Dr. Dekel provides professional learning courses that bring together art, spirituality and science. In his workshops he teaches methods that help people discover a creative potential and expand their talents and understanding on a personal level as well as group level. Dr. Dekel also offers intuitive counselling that help people connect their belief systems with their gifts and abilities.

Dr. Dekel wrote his PhD thesis ‘Inspiration: a functional approach to creative practice’ at the University of Portsmouth (School of Art, Design & Media). He has in-depth academic background and practical experiences in creative arts that support his research into the application of inspiration in various aspects of life. As a senior teacher and motivator speaker in art and design he specialises in the connection between creativity, motivation and spirituality.



Dr. Dekel is also dedicated Reiki Master/Teacher, promoting in his workshops and counselling a method that sees intuition and spiritual awareness as productive forces to inspire creative processes. He can offer you a path to personal and professional development, applying your individual talents and skills to ‘expand’ your creative mind. Using gentle artistic tools, he can guide you in developing a truly creative thinking and applying it in your personal and professional life.

To book learning day or personal counselling, contact Gil here.

Gil’s Qualifications:

– PhD Art, Design & Media, University of Portsmouth, 2009.
– MA Cultural and Arts Management, University of Winchester, 2012.
– BA Hons (equiv.) Graphic Design, Wizo Academy of Design, 2001.
– B.Ed Hons (equiv.) Education, Wizo Academy of Teachers’ Training, 2001.

Reiki Master/Teacher, 2003.