Release the mind and follow your spirit in these guided meditations of the higher realm. With Natalie and Gil Dekel.

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Maze of Truth Meditation - full trasncript [click to open]

Take a deep breath and settle into the body. With each deep inhale, feel your body become heavier, sinking into itself, into the earth whereby you’re sitting. Feel your bones, your skin becoming heavier and heavier so that you melt into yourself, becoming one with all that surrounds you.

Allow, with each inhale, to add to that heaviness and as you exhale, you release any notions of control; anything you hold on to, to the ideas of how things should be.

And as you continue to breathe deeply, we invite you to step into the darkest area in your being. Step into that area as you inhale deeply and exhale. Step into the darkness, into the heaviness of your core essence.

And as you go through that veil of darkness, that veil that separates your physical body from the material and the spiritual, you pass that veil and you suddenly find yourself at the entrance to the maze. But to get to the maze you need to cross the bridge.

And as you stand at the entrance to the bridge, you can see the maze in front of you; and you can see a guide standing at the foot of the bridge. The guide tells you that as you cross this bridge, you will discover aspects of self that need to be released in order for you to embrace your new path, your new possibilities and the purpose for which you came here upon this earth this time now.

You may say, I’m not interested. I’m not into any of this stuff. But the reality is you have no choice but to fulfill your purpose. This is your destiny and this is the only reason you’re here. Once that destiny’s fulfilled, you move on. You can believe in various things, you can deny various things but this is your core essence and this is the reason you’re here.

And as you cross the bridge, the guide warns you that the entrance to the maze is imbued with the power to observe yourself so that you will be seeing yourself from the perspective you have not seen before. You will be changed in essence to the core of your being, not the external beliefs you have adopted from others.

And so, you cross the bridge. At first it’s difficult to go up the curve of the bridge. Each step feels like dragging your body against a current of invisible force. Your resistance to change, to observe, to admit, to require, feels like too much. But there is also the force that pulls you forward and it is stronger than any resistance you may feel.

You finally cross the bridge and here you stand at the entrance to the maze. It looks a bit intimidating with the tall hedges and the stone statues of lions at the entrance. It feels as if some sacred ceremony starts to take place. You perhaps can even hear the drums in the background and some kind of a chant. It all feels rather surreal.

But also, you start feeling that hunger to find what is your purpose, to find, finally, what is it that you believe in, not the things that you’ve taken from others or believed what they were saying – but your own pure belief; the one that is not affected by anyone and anything. And that hunger increases with each step you’re taking into the maze.

You start walking in the maze and you observe what is the maze made of? Is your path smooth or gravelly or rocky? Does it feel dark or light, sunny or overcast? Or perhaps even stormy?

And as you go along, you suddenly see a mist. And as you enter this mist, you feel your body disintegrate into little molecules, each one representing aspects of self so that there are millions of those bubbles floating in the mist, so that you can observe each aspect of yourself separately.

It’s like looking into a million cameras all at once. Each one portrays lifetimes of experiences… feelings, emotions, pain, joy, all running at the same time from millions of screens all around you. It is so intense that perhaps it’s difficult to contain.

How would you react to this experience? Would you despair and give in or would you try to break free? What would you do next, knowing all that you’ve been through? All that you are? And all these screens and all these molecules of your being, where every action, thought and feeling you ever felt lifetimes ago, now and forever showing to you in that mist… all at the same time.

And as you watch it, you’re still alive, you still embody all these aspects of self. And despite the pain and the misery that some of the screens bring, and the intensity and the hurt, the betrayal, the grief; you also start feeling empowered because you’ve been through it all; you’ve learned so much. You have skills beyond all belief and recognition. You are more than what you see. You are all of that together and more, so that each screen represents a quality that you have achieved in a lifetime or more. So that together this mist empowers you to recognize yourself as the most amazing being that ever was and will be. The once and future self that is destined to bring light wherever you walk because this is your core being.

And as the mist allows the little molecules, the screens to bounce off each other as they express themselves. The light of the mist begins to increase and shine and ricochet until there’s a growing and steady feeling of intense joy, renewal… rebirth.

Something is happening here that merges the experiences in all the lifetimes, transmuting the negativity, the pain and the suffering into pure joy. You have learned your lessons. You have learned from your experiences. You have brought more joy to the world by your experience because you’ve transmuted and transformed sadness into love and grief into joy, misery into happiness despite the odds, the circumstances, the events.  And this mist merges back into your body so that as you go through, it may even have been just a moment where it empowered you into one powerful being.

And so, you go out of this mist as a new being. You have seen into the core of yourself and you have emerged in a new body of energy, with a new fresh view on the past. Just like the rain is needed for the flowers to blossom and the grass and the trees to prosper, so do we need the experience of what seems to be not joyous aspects of life in order to enrich that which is light, that which is joy because we live in a world of duality and this is the choice we have made by coming here, so that we become who we are at every moment in time and space… to be who we truly are.

And so, we continue in the maze and you may have to choose whether you turn right or left. You may think you have a choice but the reality is you are being led. And the paths ahead may vary in your experiences but ultimately, this is the path you are meant to walk and you are led to that which you need to experience. So that the one that is beyond it all, underneath it all, behind it all will become one more into that which creates everything.

And so, you carry on walking. You may see animals scattered by. Pay attention to these animals because they hold the meaning to that which you need to know. Whether it’s a scary scorpion; that shows you that you harbor resentment and anger that needs to be released because it only hurts you. Like a poison on a scorpion, it attacks you when you’re not needing it, and it ruins your joy, bringing rotting to that which should bring you joy instead.

Or perhaps you see a bird above you, an eagle high in the sky to remind you to see the bigger picture and not get lost in the details, bogged up with that which is around you, by forgetting who you are and becoming mired in the everyday life and the illusion and the game that we’re playing that we call the reality.

You continue on your path and as you turn, you may see occasional glimpses of self, of other people that are also reflections of self; women, men, children, animals – all brig you a message that only you can understand by listening to your heart. But in all is the same underlying message of “release what is no longer serving you…” Release the past. It’s gone. It’s never been. There’s no place in the now.

You carry the bricks from the old house in your backpack while you are on the journey to build a new one. Yet the bricks no longer work so why carry them, hurting yourself? Leave the backpack, break these bonds. Let it go. You don’t need to carry your mountains that were your challenges. You were only meant to overcome them. Release the burdens you took on yourself.

And as you continue in the maze, you come to the center and in the center of this maze, you discover that there’s a cup; a beautiful cup of pale blue crystal in the most intricate design, emanating a sound of unearthly music that makes the hair on your body stand up and a sense of weird electricity emanate from it all across your body.

In this cup is the essence of truth. Take a sip and feel the truth you need to know. Observe this truth. And as you sip from the cup, feel the essence of truth spreading across your body. Feel areas in your body that suddenly tighten up. These are the areas that don’t want to face the truth. Be it your throat, your abdomen, perhaps even your knees. Notice where do you resist the light of truth.

And still the essence spreading across yourself, illuminating the truth you need to know. It might be a word, a memory, a feeling… it is time to face the truth; to acknowledge that which you denied for years. Listen to that essence. Listen to the word that repeats itself in your mind.

Yes, you were hurt, betrayed, abandoned. You’re angry and resentful. But that served the purpose that you chose in growing. You have chosen to take the path. You have chosen to pave the way, to be the leader, to walk your path yourself. And therefore, you had to choose this experience. No one else could use the same path. No one else could walk in your shoes. No one else can be you.

Face the truth of your potential, of your power and of your past. And as you recognize it, release the attachment to your hurts. Release the need to blame that who served your path. Take the blame finger off others. Observe it, don’t judge it.

Observe and keep walking because the moment you withdraw your attention from that hurt, that past event, that person who hurt you, that place that betrayed you, your energy no longer sustains it and it’s gone. And this is the essence of forgiveness.

You do not forgive the persons whose actions or words or the events that took place. You simply let go of your need to continue to experience it again and again and again, so that you can feel that pain and experience that experience. You had enough. Your cup is full and now needs to be emptied so new experiences can come in… joyous experiences.

Spill that cup full of blood, of hurt, of anger, of anguish and sadness; and fill it instead with the essence of truth. Drink some more so that the truth shines from every aspect of your being.  So that it becomes your true nature, the divinity within that no lies or illusions or artifice can cover.

And there you see the entrance in front of you and the exit from the maze. You have been through these experiences and you emerge victorious with a cup of truth in your hand, with the essence of truth shining through you, and the joy in every molecule of your being.

It might not be the happy joy; it might be sad joy but it’s empowered joy that recognizes you, who you are, for what you’ve been through, for all that you have achieved… that remembers your power. That remembers your essence.

You may even hear your spirit name on the lips of the angels as you pass back to the bridge and they welcome you to the new path, new life, new essence. Welcome to your new journey.

Your old self is dead and your new self is ready for the new path in your adventure, new joy. Open your arms and welcome this joy into your life. Any lingering sadness and feelings, let them bubble away as you focus on the joy; on what you want, on what you feel… on the intensity of the need to pursue your dreams, to manifest your purpose into every aspect of your living. You are this and more.

And now, crossing the bridge is as easy as flying. You barley touch the ground. You radiate so much energy and vitality that the plants turn towards you as you walk, nearly hovering above the earth. And even the soil is sighing, welcoming you back and the birds wing in circles and loops above you to celebrate your existence.

You are the magnificent being of God. And every step you take recognizes this truth. There’s only one of you.  There will never be anyone else like you and you add to the multidimensional being of God by being that aspect of self that doesn’t exist anywhere else. And it’s humbling and amazing all at once.

And as you continue back through the path, feeling your body becoming slightly heavier, more connected so that you gradually enter into the body as you walk. You become aware of the feel of the muscle on your bones, of the skin on your body, your clothing, the feel of air around your body… the heaviness of sitting where you are now.

Bring your awareness back into the body knowing that the essence stays with you and is forever part of your being, so that everything you do is the living truth of your being… the direct connection to the divine being that you are.

Gradually bring yourself back into awareness, back into the room in which you are. Slowly, in your own time open your eyes, pay attention to your breathing and feel yourself back into the room where you are now.

Thank you for this amazing journey. It’s a true honor to experience this process with you. Thank you.

 © Natalie and Gil Dekel.
Last update 30 July 2018. First published 27 July 2018.