Angel GabriEl - by Natalie Dekel, June 2011.

Angel GabriEl – by Natalie Dekel.

By Gil and Yael-Louise Dekel.

You’ve been holding on to your worries for so long that you cannot remember what it feels like to be free, to not to have worries. Or maybe you are under a false illusion that you are fine, that you are happy while deep inside something does not feel right?

Now is the time for you to learn to let go, to be free. And to step into the light where you can experience life for the first time… Fully experiencing.

You may well be hurt with a lot of emotional pain that hides who you truly are. Ask yourself: do you hide your feelings? Do you cover up words that you need to say?

Don’t let pain take you away, from yourself…

Breathe deeply, and say:

‘I am willing to allow the light into my life. I am pure channel of light’.


You may feel as if you are at war with life. As if everything is on fire. But don’t be scared. Just close your eyes and let the old-self die out, so that you can enter the Heaven of your new self.

Close your eyes; breathe deeply, and say:

‘The light is coming now. I am strong.’


You have been biting your tongue and holding back for a while now. You have held back not just yourself, but also opportunities. You held shields that protected you from living. Now is the time to become confident.

Close your eyes and say:

‘I won’t care what other people think or say about me. I’m confident. I’m going to take on all opportunities that life brings me. I am going to take back my powers, and I am going to that with confidence.’


Your heart has been telling you some secrets for some time now. It’s time to listen. It’s time for you to stop, rid of old habits, and open up to a new path. You’ve put it off for long enough. Now it’s time to stand up tall, and face the wonder of you.

When you open up the energy will start to flow. Be ready to take it in. Be ready to go to where time bends and twists. Where past and present fall off like leaves falling off trees. And where the moment of now will feel like millions year, spinning through galaxies, drinking the twinkling stars.

Close your eyes and say:

‘I am ready to travel the golden path. I am ready to fly; ready to soak the New Life.’


16 October 2018.
© Gil Dekel.