o my lord let my love give energy to commit true love and relation in the form of marriage with me.he is my real angel.i dont want to leave him.he is my all in all.my everything..i want to complete my religion with him..fulfil real joy..get satisfaction
it seems very difficult because his wife and kids his family my family my relative will never accept this relation.even he himself is so confused as his responsibility has increased.he has also given all upto u..and moved toward finding peace outside…whereas inside he is running apart….i really accept that this thought is given to me by him but he himself want to quit because according to him there is no way round…he has left all on you…god help us please we are nothing without you please guide us…and protect us… i want that we would both lead a life in which we both understand love trust protect motivate enthusiastic kind wise mature strong intelligent and power of each other…please god help us