Dear lord I write you this letter not in pride but in humbleness I ask lord that you bless and protect my brothers and sister who are struggling through this life just as I have and continue to do so I ask for forgiveness of all my sins without you I am nothing but the dust you created our forefather Adam from the ground I ask you lord simply to keep me connected to your grace and love without you i die you are my eternal father my creator you made the stars the sky and the earth and every thing known and unknown to man your love is perfect your timing is perfect you are perfect lord I decided to share this prayer with others because like them I am a sinner just because I go to church I am no different all have fallen short of the glory of God with you all things are possible it is you lord who strengthen me nothing can separate us from your love as long I have breath in my body I will continue to praise you in your precious and mighty name Lord Jesus Christ