Dear God, the past 2 years have been so hard for me. The passing of my father, then putting my mom in a home, finding out that my daughter is doing drugs and then to find out from my daughter that my husband was cheating with other women (which I suspected) years ago and confronted him but he always denied it. Trying to make things work with my husband, so we went on vacation which did not go well – I was sexual assaulted while I was intoxicated. It was my fault for having my guard down and drinking to much. This did not help things for our relationship. He was very angry with me for ruining his vacation. When we came back we found out that my daughter continued doing drugs. We tried to help her by taking to counseling, but it backfired on us. She just got more angry and hated my husband and was so angry with me. I couldn’t stop crying and I don’t sleep at night. I am so sad at what is happening Lord – I don’t know where to turn anymore. My daughter hates my husband and doesn’t want anything to do with him. My husband who said that he wanted to work on our marriage and thought by us joining a gym that we would spend more time together. How can you spend time together when you are working out separately. He continues to work many hours and then goes to the gym. What about working on our relationship. After 22 years of marriage he still thinks of me last. I have always put him first but that is not how he sees it. God how much more sadness can I take. God, please help me. I have lost myself and I desperately need you to help me and my family so that we can be a family again in peace….