Led by Gil Dekel (PhD), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Thursday 11 Nov 2010, 11am GMT (live stream 6).

Today we’re going to see what the eyes cannot see, and we’re going to hear what the ears cannot hear. We’re going to speak what the mouth cannot say and we’re going to think what the mind cannot think.

We will follow a meditation ‘with eyes closed’, the meditation of blind man… To begin this mediation sit comfortably, relax, close your eyes and take a deep breath.

With your eyes closed, notice there is another body within you – an inner body and it’s just falling off gently, being slumped down. As you are still sitting down, your second self becomes like a pool of water, like a pond. There is a light breeze stroking you, stroking that pond which is you, like a gentle comb combing your hair.

Now, notice that you have two extra eyes; and they are looking at the pond, gazing down at it, and your vision goes into the pond. You can see through and inside the pond. The vision goes deeper and deeper, down through the layers of water, through layers of blinking lights, and going deeper into the darkness of the depth of the bottom.

Now, at the bottom of this pond (which is you) your vision, your extra eyes, are now tilting up and looking straight ahead is if you were swimming. These eyes are now going straight, exploring this pond of consciousness which is you.

A vision, which is this beautiful coral with beautiful life forms, beautiful shapes, beautiful blues. As you swim, as your vision swims inside this coral, you see a cave, and you swim through to it. Inside that cave there is a treasure box; a box of golden, shimmering light.

You pull out a key from your pocket and you unlock this treasure box. It opens wide and inside, instead of treasures, there is a small staircase. Your vision, your self, your identity is now going into the treasure box and on the first staircase, step number one.

Slowly, we’re going down, following this staircase which is within the treasure box. You can hold to the rails, if you want to, as you are going down to the depth of this unknown self. It becomes darker, and denser. Your corporal vision can now see only blackness, but your deep essence can feel the glory of this path as you walk down, down, down…

At the last step you see a guide is waiting for you. It can be a friend, a person, an imaginary figure, an animal. It is your guide, emanating pure love and trust. It is reaching its hands, its essence towards you. You feel drawn to it, like a magnet, floating. You don’t even need to walk; your essence just flowing towards your guide. This is a special guide because it holds the other half of your own heart, and as you’re floating into it, you know that it is not a separate entity; it is actually your other half, and soon, you’re going to unite.

Now, as you get nearer and closer, you feel yourself becoming fuller, more aware of who you are, and where you’re coming from. Now you are almost touching your essence, your spirit guide, your other half.

When I count to three, at three you are going to unite with it. One… two… and three… Now you unite with your essence. Your heart becomes full with the physical aspect, which is you, and the spiritual elemen,t which was brought to you by your guide. You explode with this vision of light with your heart pumping so wide that there are ripples at the top of this pond. These ripples of your heartbeat are shaking the universe, saying ‘Love… Love… Love’ with the essence and strength of God…God…God…

You feel yourself expanding. Your vision becomes four dimensional; seeing not just to the front but also to the back… seeing to the sides, seeing to the past, seeing to the future and most of all seeing to the present moment. The eyes that look at themselves with the glory of the heart of the universe which is you, which is all people on this planet.

As your heart expands and it beats and echoes to all corners of the universe, with each beat, you know that is it is so-called God, life, whatever you want to call it – this essence of existence which gives you the energy to keep on beating; keep your hear beating. Take a deep breath, and you can bless this energy in your own knowledge. We say in Hebrew: ‘Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh’.

And now as you have become one with your guide, one with your heart, one with the expanding bright light, you notice in front of you a little note floating there. A piece of paper, a piece of parchment… a message is coming to you. Try to catch it with your hand or with your essence. It is a message that you have brought to yourself. Just take a moment to read the message; open up the scroll and see what it says.

And as you have absorbed these unspoken words in your message, in your note, put it inside your heart. You will take it with you when we go back to the physical world soon. But for now just put it inside your heart and know that it is a message you have brought to yourself from the future.

We now go on. Take another deep breath. You can thank your guide, your heart, as we move on. As your vision is now swimming forward, still being this expanded heart. As your heart is pulsating, it gives you energy and ripples in the pond of yourself; that’s what enables you to swim. There is no effort and there is no need.

As you swim in this pond of consciousness, to your left you now see an army. An unpleasant army of some black consciousness. This is the army of your negative thoughts and your worries. Turn 90 degrees left to face this army, and put your hand in your pulsating white heart and take abundance of white out. This white in your hand is emanating directly from your heart.

Hold the white of strength in your hand and direct it towards the negative black of your own thoughts. The white light is spreading all over this army of notions. As it does, the black dissipates; the black fades away like ink dispersing in paper. These thoughts are cleansing; these thoughts are being dissolved right now. And as they scatter, you see that within them there is pure love. Thoughts are only a cover, a shield of negativity, for your true essence, as your true thoughts are only of goodness.

As this army now disperses and the blackness fades away, the core, the essence, the stones of this flood of thoughts is emanating light – and light attracts light. So these soldiers of light, these little tiny dots of light which were covered with blackness, are now emanating light; are coming one into the other. They are joining forces and becoming this huge bright light.

Now you have your own heart which emanates light and you have a second heart – the heart of your pure thoughts which is just there in front of you. And you can bless this process in your own language, and in your own faith. In Hebrew we say: ‘Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh’.

Now as you’re looking at this beautiful, shimmering bright light heart; so strong and coming towards you, swimming through to you, and stopping just in front of you. I it touches your eye chakra – the chakra in your forehead just above your eyebrows.

Your heart emanates light through to your eye chakra, and your eye chakra expanding with love and light, giving you the vision of a god and positive thoughts. The light is going through your nose, cleansing your breathing, continuing to your mouth, bringing the correct words for a clear speech. Going down to your throat and making your expression calmer. It continues to expand all into your hands and from your hand to your legs, giving you strength to carry you on your daily walk.

This is the heart that you are now carrying within your soul. The heart of those who look inside. The heart of visionary men and women; the heart that was covered with so much negativity but now shines so pure and so bright that even the gods are envious. You can bless this process in your own words, and your own faith. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh.

You remember you still have your inner heart, your first heart. It is still within you. Now slowly, gradually, you can let it go. Don’t worry, it is not going away. It is just floating off slightly, turning around and now facing you. And as it does, both your hearts are looking at each other. They are channels of light spreading from one to the other; channels of wisdom. This is the bridge from the soul to the physical body.

This is the bridge which is maintained not by you, my child, but by the Lord of this universe; the Lord of this life – the Chi energy, the God, the essence, the bliss. And it delivers you with an angelic vision and a special feeling. This feeling comes to you from all angels, all spirits, all collective unconsciousness which ever existed in this form of being, and will ever exist – and it is the feeling of knowing the moment of now. This is the only moment that exists. That moment is running between your two hearts. And as it does you can bless this blissful process.

As the link was established between your two hearts, the external heart is now going to do something amazing. Slowly and gradually, it expands…it grows. And as it grows, it comes nearer and nearer to you. Now it pours itself all over you. It envelopes you, so you are becoming this pulsating heart. You are becoming the person of two hearts – two hearts which are one. The inner heart and the external heart; you are becoming the vision of God, the eyes of the Lord, the pure essence and the figure in which life observes life in life. Life is beating its essence into itself; life knows itself.

Sit comfortably. Listen to your two hearts as they beat in synchronicity; the inner heart, which is your new heart, the heart which is made of your own thoughts, the cleansed, white bright thoughts. And the heart which covers you, your second heart which is your pure spiritual source.

Now as you’re engulfed with this bright light, we keep on swimming or floating within this pond of consciousness. As we do, turn right. You see a shimmering light. Turn to face it, to your right. And there, there is a so-called ‘angel’, a guiding essence who is holding a thunder light. It is as strong as a sword… a strong, bright line of light. Your angel is holding it with both hands and now he’s going to release it. This light swirls, turns around. And as it turns around like a propeller of light, it comes closer and closer to you.

This is not a scary moment; this is simply a powerful one; a powerful light. This light of love coming towards you and as it does you see how the waters of this pond are clapping their hands, so to speak, enjoying to embrace this light which is going through them, through the water. And you know that this bright light is your own strength. It is not just a strength. It is a Godly power that enables your soul to go down and become physicalized, on planet earth.

This is the condensed form of your own energy. It takes a lot of Godly power to reduce the soul to a physical level and allow the body to be born and animated. That is the power that animates your daily life and it is now coming closer to you. You’re filled with vitality; you can breathe inside water; inside the pond of light when you fill this essence. This thunder light is now so close, it is just in front of you; and now is stops, standing in an upright position. As you look at it, it stretches itself like a chewing gum, to both sides upwards and down, and it slits open, a door appears in it.

You open the door and pass through and inside, where you find yourself in a bright, white hall. There are few screens, TV screens on the wall. You hold a remote control, and look at the first screen to your left. Click the ‘play’ button, and an image, a message, will come to you from your angel. Take a moment to watch this message.

And now continue to the next TV screen, click ‘play’, listen to your message, and go through all of the screens in that way…

Now, if you still have TV screens to watch, don’t worry. We’ll have to stop here. Just put the TV screen in your pocket and when we go out you will have a chance to look through all of them. Sit comfortably, take a deep breath. You’re going out of the hall, this room… outside of this thunder light. As you swim outside, this thunder light shrinks into a small dot. Hold this dot, this little dot of energy and put it in your pocket or in a bag.

As we turn, remember yourself to be both hearts beating at the same time. Swim back… remembering that you have with a few gifts: the parchment, the note message you received. The TV screens and the thunder light of energy.

You are swimming back to the dark bottom of the treasure box. There you can turn around and you can thank your guide, your messenger. Now you can start climbing back up the stairs, climbing to step number one. You now swim out of the treasure box, remembering the two hearts which are beating within you, your physical and your spiritual heart.

You continue to swim back in the pond, swimming to the shallow water. Soon we see shimmering light. This is the sunlight coming from the outside and enters the pond. You can see this dancing lights; follow it upwards and soon enough, you reach the surface of the pond.

Look around, with your new vision. You can see how the wind whispers on the surface of the pond. Soon enough, this pond grows and becomes solidified with you essence in it, turning slowly into the bodily shape of the man or the woman which is you. On the floor, at a bottom of the chair, this pond is slowly growing back, filling up your physical body. This body is now sitting in the chair with eyes closed.

Now you are fully aware of your so-called physical self, still feeling your two hearts beating. Soon enough, you can open your eyes. Slowly, take deep breaths. When you are opening your eyes, remember the gifts you brought with you from your journey. There was also a scroll, a note. Just relax…you have a lot of time.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to book a reading. We will see you soon on our next guided meditation. Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh.

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