Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 12 Nov 2010,  9.30pm GMT (live stream 7).



To start the meditation, please sit comfortably. Allow yourself to close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Notice how you sit comfortably on the chair or the sofa. Fell how your back is leaning back wherever you’re sitting. Allow yourself to relax with every breath you take.

As you take each breath, notice how it affects your body. With each breath you take deeper and deeper into your being, drawing the energy from the universe, allowing the energy to circulate through your being and back into the universe.

Now each time you take a breath, allow the in-breath to be shorter than the out-breath. You take a deep breath, then allow the energy to circulate before it comes out, releasing it slowly back, allowing the energy to go through the whole of the lungs and the whole of the trunk of your body back into the universe. Feel yourself relaxing more and more with every breath you take.

Now visualize a downwards-facing staircase in front of you. If you can’t visualize, just know that there’s a staircase that leads you down to the core of your being. We’re going to step down; with each breath we’ll go deeper and deeper into the core of your being, that connects to the universe; to that which is ‘All That Is’.

There are ten steps that lead down. Just allow yourself to go slowly down one step at a time, allowing your body to relax everywhere and allow the energy to circulate freely in your body. As you step down another step and another, find that your muscles in the head begin to relax. Your jaw relaxes, your forehead relaxes, even the muscles of the eyeballs relax as do the muscles of the eyelids, your neck, the muscles of the shoulders, the back… everything starts relaxing. The tongue doesn’t touch the roof of the mouth. Everything is becoming heavier, settling down as we’re going down towards the core of your being.

When we reach the bottom step, allow yourself to feel the consciousness expanding. Feel yourself as if floating in the universe. Allow your thoughts and worries to dissolve and disappear, just for now, just for today. You’re going to become who you truly are; that being whose heart pulsates with the heart of the universe, who’s got stars flowing through the veins; and the memory of the universe resides in your heart… that which knows everything and forgets nothing… wise beyond years… a fresh being that came to this earth for a reason; that came to fulfil his own potential as a being, a being of light.

Feel yourself floating in the universe, amidst the stars with your consciousness expanding to either sides of you; the brilliance of your soul shining throughout, your breath nice and deep allowing all your chakras to resonate in the sound of the universe.

Now in front of you there would be a passage, a door or an entrance. As we’re going to cross that door or that threshold, we’re going to enter a different world. A world where we’re going to work on detaching ourselves from knots of energy that no longer sustain or not needed by us.

Notice that on both sides of you there are beings, spirits or angels that you trust, that would support and guide you at all time. It might be somebody you know or just a feeling of being loved and protected.

As we go through, we find ourselves in a beautiful green meadow with high mountains. The grass is quite tall and soft, moving in the wind. The sun shines brightly and the sky is blue and clear. If we look up we can see beautiful eagles circling in the sky, reminding that today we’re going to look for long perspectives, looking for small details of that which we need to release.

As we move our eyes down to the distance, we can see smoke coming out… we see a little village, a Native American village. We’re going to walk towards it and as we walk, we meet a guide; a young man who came to greet us to this village. He is dressed in Native American clothes and is welcoming us to the village; the initiation of the divine light.

As we draw close, we see that there is a beautiful bonfire in the middle of the village. This is a bonfire of pure love and we are invited to sit next to it in a circle. Next to us sit other villagers as well as spirits and guides. All those are welcome who came to help us as well as to release their own issues. We’re all here to share that beautiful task of elevating our light a little bit further, of increasing the flow of light into the universe through our being, like prisms of light.

And now the young man who brought us to this village starts the dance, a welcoming dance. He’s got beautiful feathers in his headwear. As he dances, we can hear a little bit of some drums in the background. His dance is moving with the wind, the beat of the drums and nature.

We become aware of the depth of our breathing and the rhythm of the universe that flows throughout, in and out with our breath, in and out with our heartbeats… feeling it in the earth; feeling it in the pulse going through our body and keeping us alive.

As he dances we become aware of our bodies in a different way. We become aware of the light that cascades down through our head from the crown chakra down into our bodies. This light is a divine light of being and it eliminates everything on its way. Notice anything that remains in the shadow will need to be removed, let go of. Now, each one of us has a bundle of cloth in front of him. As we’re going to observe the cascade of light down into our bodies, we’re going to remove all that is in the shadow into that bundle so we can let go of it.

The light cascades through our heads. Notice how your brain reacts to that light, which areas remain shadowed, those that are illuminated with light. It goes down towards our eyes. Is there anything in our eyes that we see darkness with? Is there any anger, frustration, fear that does not accept the light that cascades down with the rhythm of the earth into our bodies? Our body feels like parched earth, gratefully embracing the first drops of rain. We continue to wash our body in light, basking in it, removing everything we no longer need into that bundle in front of us… a spring clean of the body.

Pay attention to your thyroid and the throat. Notice how the colours tend to shift as the light cascades down. Your auric field becomes shiny and polished. The colours shift lovely and bright like a rainbow reflected in the mirror; beautiful light. We shift down and wash our upper chest. Make sure all the other chakras apart from the central ones, that all of your body starts breathing on a deeper level, inhaling light, exhaling darkness, tiredness and frustration, worries and anxieties, fixation on certain events and details in your life.

The light goes down into your heart area. Allow your heart to bask in that beautiful light. And as you observe your heart, imagine there are candles in each of the 4 rooms of your heart. Your heart is your home so you illuminate it from within with these candles and allow the light to grow brighter and brighter till your heart shines like a beautiful lantern – perhaps like a Chinese lantern. The warmth of the light illuminates all within and without, reaching to touch that bright light cascading down into your body, feeding the inner light.

You might have some painful memories or notions coming up. Don’t deal with them right now. Just take them gently with both hands and put them in the bundle in front of you; scoop them up and just remove them. At the moment, we’re just flushing everything with light, cleansing it. Feel your lungs being filled with light and love.

Start breathing much deeper; fill them with the joy of life. Fill them with purpose; releasing past grievances and sadness, releasing that heavy load on your shoulders, in your neck and the back of your neck. Feel as if the weight of the years has been released. And as your body becomes lighter and lighter, it feels as if that part of your body which we washed becomes weightless. It is lifted up into the sky as if pulled by the string from the crown chakra into the sky like a puppet, by a divine line and connection. The string is connected through your crown chakra into your spine, elongating your spine, allowing the energy to flow freely in your vertebrae, cascading down, down to the lungs into your spleen area and your stomach and digestive system. Feel it illuminated with love and light.

Feel how the stomach digests love now. Our digestive system is the most important part of our being. What we digest is what we produce and how it affects our world and our being. There are over 2 metres of intestines and it has all been washed with love and light, illuminated from within, releasing the toxins, releasing the negative emotions and fears. Clasps of anxiety all dissolve under this onslaught of the light, the unconditional love that pours into your body.

Feel your liver become illuminated from within, and your kidneys. Feel how joy and happiness fill your body. We’re filling the lower abdomen with light and love. And as we release light from within it cascades down and you can feel the rhythm of the universe, the dance of the white wind, of the young man that still dances with the drums; all the colours swirling through the stomach and flushing away the negativity, the anger, the fear, the unresolved relationships and frustrations.

You are who you are. You were never meant to be what other people want you to be, trying to focus and be what other people want you to be, take away your power. And so we allow the light to flow and remind us of our own talents and power, a part of everyday abilities waiting to be explored, used and manifested.

The light fills our legs and flows outwards through your feet, going down into the earth, releasing it… releasing all the negativity and toxins. The young man stops dancing now. We gather the bundles with all the negativity we collected there, all the darkness and we’re going to put it in this unconditional fire in front of us. It’s a fire of love. As we lower these satchels, this bundle into the fire, feel how it dissolves and disintegrates into the love; into the fire, the core of love – because there is nothing but love and any darkness is a temporary-forgetfulness; the fear of not being loved. The fear of the strong light that burns within us not mater what the circumstances are.

Your body feels light and boneless, strung by the cord into the universe. The energy flows freely within. Now the young man invites us to come with him to a special tent or tepee. As we go inside, we sit again in a circle. In the middles of that tent there is an altar. The young man, the white wind explains to us that we are going now to do a sacrificial traditional act. We are going to take three organs from our body and cleanse them with light on a deeper level. First, we’re going to cleanse our hearts. Each one of us visualizes that we’re taking our heart and placing it in the middle of that altar.

Next to the heart, the young man puts a beautiful quartz crystal. It’s a jade heart, a heart made of jade; a beautiful green stone, large and powerful. We already feel the energy emanating from it. Those two hearts stand next to each other as the light starts to cascade from above onto the two hearts. We can see our own heart through the heart of jade.

We can see our heart illuminated in green colour. And inside that are ties – black ties of connections that we no longer need. It hurts us and it pulls us back. So we visualize scissors, a knife, or even asking angel Michael to come in and cut through with his sword. And as the light cascades down through the jade into our heart, our heart, the physical heart, is filled with green light and we see that as we cut these connections, the blood circulation improves. We release these connections. We do not heal them, just cut them off and let them flow away, distant from us. Just observe it, do not judge it, do not resent it. Observe them flowing away or disappearing into the earth. Feel your heart fill to the brim with that light of jade.

We see beautiful lizards climbing around it to make sure that it is back to normal and that it is full of beautiful energy, free and full of love and light.

Now we return that organ back into our body. Take a deep breath and feel how it settles inside, still full of this beautiful jade light.

We’re now taking our spleen and putting it on the altar next to the crystal of jade. And as we continue to receive this beautiful light through the jade to illuminate our spleen, we see that it is also full of darkness and ties that we are also going to cut and release, and wash away the darkness, the poison that we accumulated, the negativity and anger. Wash it away until it is clean and shiny. It is the source of our spiritual understanding.

The spleen is a very important organ. It ensures that we spread in the body what we need to receive. It filters what we take in physically and spiritually, and spreads it in the body. Fill the spleen with beautiful jade green sand. It is healing sand, and as we fill the spleen with the sand, the sand absorbs all the negativity from it. It cleanses the walls, the inner walls of the spleen.

Now we pour it out. Feel the lightness that enters your body; the lightness of being. Now this beautiful clean spleen, shining full of jade green light, we’re going to put it back just underneath our rib cage next to the heart. Take a deeper breath to feel it settling in. Feel how your body seems to be overjoyed, how it is normally circulating, living in a balance, healthy; ready for new spiritual challenges; new experiences that will elevate and raise the vibrations further.

The last organ tonight is the kidneys. We’re going to put them on the altar with the jade crystal in between them, allowing the light to cascade down and illuminate them both through that jade crystal. Allow them to be filled with that light; filled to the brim, overflowing, washing away fears and anxieties, because that is where we store them – in our kidneys.

See a crow landing inside our tent on the altar. It brings us wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The crow puts in each kidney a little crystal that would continue to illuminate and cleanse our kidneys as we go along for the next few weeks.

Now we put them back into our body. Take a deeper breath allowing them to settle in. Feel the light now flowing even more than before, freely and easily through our body.

As we take now the crystal, the jade crystal from the altar, we are going to go outside of the tent one by one. The young man will show us a river nearby. We are now bathing in the river, washing the outwards, releasing the last remains of negativity. As we come out of the river, our auric field change colours and is glowing like a newly-burnished rainbow. The light radiates from us everywhere. Animals, birds and people are attracted to us because they see an old soul in new clothes, and feel the light of our being.

We thank this young man from the bottom of our heart; each one of us holding this jade crystal in our hands to remind us of this experience. We are now walking back to the passage, to the threshold from which we came. Notice how different your body feels, how light and happy it feels. Pain, worries, anxieties flow away and disappear. You remain full of joy, health and vitality, in every aspect of your being.

Past the meadow and the eagles; we go back to the door, thanking our guides for coming with us… slowly going back up the staircase. As we go up, we slowly shorten our breathing by half. We become aware of the seat and the place where we’re sitting, the sounds in the room, the temperature in the room. In your own time, slowly, you can open your eyes, and as we finish going up the stairs we go back into the everyday reality of our being.

Thank you for joining us for the meditation today. I hope you all enjoyed and received some healing. I look forward to being with you again next week.

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