Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master and Visionary artist, on Friday, 29 Oct 2010, 9.30pm GMT (#4)

Good evening. I’m glad to meet you again tonight, and we will soon start the meditation. Please sit comfortably, and close your eyes [or imagining your eyes closed, if you are reading this]. Take a deep breath. As we all know, in our body there are many chakra centres; energy centres from which energy flows from the universe through our body, and back again. One of these centres is located around our nose so each time we take a breath this is the centre responsible for our stress and calmness levels.

So, as we take our breaths now, with every breath we take, we help to balance this chakra and we feel much more relaxed. Notice how the energy; the breathing is flowing through your nose, into your head, and down into your body.

Notice the tensions in your body. Try to keep your thoughts at bay, focusing on your breathing. As we start breathing deeper and deeper, try to visualize, think, or know a path down a rock side. As we go down on this path with every breath that we take, we’re going deeper and deeper into the place where the soul dwells and unconditional love flows freely.

As we go down the path, notice how the surrounding energy and view change from rocks and mountains. It slowly, gradually opens up to a beautiful valley. Notice how the path becomes smoother and softer under your feet.

As we breathe deeper and deeper, we cross the path into the field, touching the soft grass with our feet, feeling any tension sliding away… moving out onto the grass, leaving it behind us, leaving us more fresh and invigorated.

Today we are going to look at some qualities that are special to us, that we’ve forgotten about recently. But first, notice that very close to us is a beautiful, huge old oak tree. It’s very powerful. As we come close to it, try to take deeper breaths, filling your lungs with this energy and the fresh air emanating around it and from it.

Observe how big the tree is and how the sun light goes through the leaves, casting beautiful shadows; touching you with a lovely dark green colour; leaving a net of colour on your body as a reflection of the tree, of its crown. As we come closer, as we step into the space of the tree, we feel this strong energy ebbing back and forth like the sea, like a huge magnetic field.

The oak tree is renowned for its power and strength. So we’re now going to come and lean with our back onto the tree, standing with the heels of our feet to the roots of the tree, with our spine along the bark and our heads touching the first branches going up and high above us.

As you take each breath, feel how you’re breathing in that energy, as if you’re drawing life, strength and determination, like the tree – from the roots, from the earth into your body and out into the universe. Feel how you absorb that beautiful strong energy; how you meld and become the tree, the oak tree.

Enjoy the feeling of strength. Enjoy the feeling of it spreading through your body, leaving no place of weakness, tension or anxieties. The oak doesn’t suffer fools gladly. It takes on anything it encounters in life; any problem or challenge and overcomes it with determination and power.

Feel the energy filling you up. Allow yourself to be filled with beautiful strength; beautiful cardinal energy that makes you feel stronger, younger and lighter… broader. You become the warrior of light. Feel that power; enjoy it spreading through your body and your mind. It also brings with it clarity. It has no place for doubt and fears.

Feel the connection there and enjoy feeling your own roots grow deeper and deeper into the earth, grounding you, balancing your physical strength with your mental strength; your health and your intellect; your skills and your spiritual awareness.

Now slowly, gradually separate yourself from the tree. Give it a big hug as a thank you for its beautiful, healing property, for sharing this lovely energy with you.

We’re now moving on in our path out of the sphere of the power of the oak tree. As we walk along a beautiful field in the valley, feeling so much stronger and powerful, we see a beautiful, slender birch tree. This is the day of trees, when we learn from the trees and nature about what needs to be healed within us.

Birches are known for their flexibility; their ability to remain who they are despite the challenges of the weather and the powers or external forces. Touch the birch’s bark with your hands. Feel how gentle it is, almost like a gentle silk paper. How flexible it is; how pure it remains. Feel the strength inside of it. Not the strength of the warrior that you gained from the oak, but the flexibility of mind and body in the face of challenges. Feel how, despite the strong wind that bends the branches of the tree, it is swaying that way and remains steadfast. The birch remains what it is, and goes back to be itself.

Absorb the beautiful pale blue energy flowing through it. Feel the purity flowing from it to you, down to the ground. It has purifying effect because flexibility means no back-luggage in your mind and body; no resistance, no frigidness of mind… no regrets and no bitterness. It is positive thinking; you can always look forward.

As you are touching the birch now, you share this beautiful, pure outlook on life, where everything is possible. You are trying to absorb that power of everlasting youth and flexibility. Feel it filling up your body, your veins, flowing through you. Filling you with light and energy… tingling energy. It makes you smile. You want to do a roly-poly and cartwheels, just for the fun of it. Enjoy life and the happiness that fills you. Not just because of the physical strength and safety of being in your body and alive, but the emotional strength or spirit. It is the core of being.

Feel the beautiful energy and the gentle rustle of leaves, like a melody, filling you, flowing though your body, and cleansing you. It is almost a bridal feeling of a new beginning; new thoughts, new energy. And now, we thank the beautiful being for sharing its energy and wisdom with us.

And we’re moving on in our journey down the field where we see a willow tree. Sense the energy even before you come close to it. It has very powerful, tangible presence; very light, fast energy. It tingles all over your body even before you come close. It protects itself…

Willow is the tree of emotion. Its bended branches and leaves give protection, covering a person from hurt and emotional setbacks. Duck your head and go into that beautiful, live tent that the willow projects, and creates with its being. Lean back on it like you did with the oak, heels at the roots, your body pressed with your back to the bark of the tree. Notice the circular energy that flows and enjoy this feeling of being protected.

With every breath you take, the energy circulates beautifully, mainly around your heart chakra in your chest and the solar plexus. The willow energy is helping you to remember… it helps you to remember that the negative emotions come to help us deal with situations. If there were no anger, there would be no decisiveness. But holding on to anger creates projections that stop us from developing. So the willow helps us to release things. You experience emotions in life, and then you release them into the ground, along with the willow branches touching the ground… releasing emotions…

As the emotions are pouring down into the earth, you feel calmness entering your body. Beautiful white energy of calmness; allow yourself to pour more emotions… into the ground… your fears, your worries, your anxieties. Feel the beautiful white calmness taking place; spreading in your lungs. Spreading in your throat… relaxing your jaws and the back of the eyes; touching the kidneys with a note of agreement – it’s okay, you are safe. You are guided and protected at all times. All the while you release bucket after bucket of emotion. No need to stop and observe it. Just release it, flushing it all out.

As you get easier and lighter, full of white light, notice how the tree has stopped bending, and instead it lifted its branches off the ground for you to come out. We thank that beautiful being, that creation of God, for helping us realize its lesson, for learning and sharing its energy.

We’re now carrying on in the field, walking. We’re as strong as the oak, we’re flexible as the birch, and full of joy and calmness, releasing all sorrow as the willow.

Now in front of us we see the last tree. It’s the most unusual tree in that valley. It is a palm tree. It stands right in the middle, the sun pouring straight into it. As we come close to that unusual, beautiful tree and we look up, we lean on that tree… with your heels at the roots and your back leaning against its scaly bark. Look up into the beautiful branches of the palm tree. The sky is blue and sun light pours from the branches while protecting you from the sun, allowing just the right amount of sunshine to come onto you gently, lifting your spirit upwards towards the sky.

This is the tree that connects you towards the spirit, to the whole creation of the universe. Feel your spine elongating as if an invisible feather is connected to your head, and your head grows into the sky, crown chakra touching the universe, with your feet growing down to the earth. You’re stretched, becoming taller like the angels…strong and flexible, light as the wind with the warmth of the sun at your back, with the warmth and exotic flow of the palm tree.

Palm trees can survive in the hottest areas. This is to remind us that we are former spirits; that we can survive difficult situations, if only to remember who we truly are. Enjoy the delicious feeling of being alive; of being at one with the universe, moulding and melding into the universe, until you dissolve into the glow of the sky, becoming everything.

If there are any thoughts coming into your head, just allow them to drift past like clouds. Enjoy just ‘Being’. Feel the beautiful energy circulating around you, within you; spreading out, stretching into the universe.

In your own time, feel yourself shrinking back into your normal size; feel the connection being released a little bit, from the sky. You are still connected by the beautiful, invisible thread. It allows you more flexibility to be in that body you choose to be and do the things that you choose to do, while still being a spirit connected to the universe; exploring what the universe means to be when it is you.

As we leave the tree, we thank again this beautiful being. We are now going back on the path, our feet barely touching the ground; our energy is high and our breathing is very deep. Notice how the energy flows from your toes to your head and downwards to your heels in a beautiful circle of life.

Notice what plants you see on the way. There might be some special hidden meaning in them for you; whether it’s Dandelions, Daisies, Chamomile flowers or anything else. Notice it and remember it, for later.

As we go back up the path, we’re slowly walking, leaving the valley of life behind us. We pass a beautiful gate with two angels on each side. They will help us to go through our daily routine, making sure that we stay connected and strong; flexible, powerful and emotionally balanced. We go back slowly, up and up to the rocks, until we become aware that our breathing is going faster. We slowly become aware of where we’re sitting; of the environment, the room in which we are now. Gradually become aware of the room around you as you open your eyes and come back to the daily reality.

I hope you enjoyed this meditation today and I hope there is something you learned and experienced. I will see you soon, next week, same time [click here]. Thank you.

19 Nov 2010.
© Natalie and Gil Dekel