Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 7 Jan 2011 (live stream 14).

Good evening and welcome to our meditation this evening. To start the meditation, please sit comfortably wherever you are. Close your eyes; take a deep breath and find yourself starting to relax. With each breath you take, feel yourself releasing the burdens of the day to day routine, anxieties and worries. Feel the energy cascading down from above your head into the crown chakra, down to your body, easing and calming and soothing; washing away the burdens. Feel with each breath you take your body becomes more and more heavy.

Feel your forehead relaxing. Feel the eyelids start to relax and even the eyeballs calm down and the eyes looking inwards to your body, down into your heart. Feel the cheekbones relaxing; the jaws relaxing. The tongue doesn’t touch the roof of your mouth. The head and the shoulders relax. And as your shoulders sag down, with each breath you take and with each heaviness that you feel your body, you feel your spirit begin to soar upwards and out towards the universe of powers. As the body sags down with each breath, your spirit feels stronger.

Take deeper and deeper breaths. Feel the lungs filling up. Fill the whole trunk with air until your collarbone is expanding. Breathe the air not only with the upper chest but with the whole of your lungs. Feel yourself going so deep into that place where your mind stops thinking and you just enjoy being.

Visualize a staircase going downwards, inside you. With each step we’re going down, we’re going closer and closer to that source of being which makes your heart beat and your hair grow and your eyes sparkle. Feel yourself descending into that place where life no longer matters in terms of your daily worries. Where all is about you, you see a beautiful existence of universe… the stars, the wonderful existence.

When you get to the bottom of the staircase, there’s a door in front of you. And as you open this door, we go outwards and above. It takes us into this beautiful, amazing place. The beginning of the journey is yours. It might be the beach, the mountains of the fields – and it will be just right for you.

Feel and look around you. Notice how it feels to be in that place. This is the place where you can come and relax anytime, the place where you will make the right decisions, where you are in tune with your higher being; where you are not influenced by emotions, worried and anxieties. You can get support and guidance whenever needed.

Now notice in that beautiful place where you are now, there’s a path winding to the right. Let us follow that path. As you start walking you notice a beautiful dragonfly. There’s quite a few of them flying very speedily around your feet. And as we keep walking, these dragonflies are special. Notice how they seem to be talking to you, their wings made of iridescent rainbow colours; beautiful, and shiny creatures. As we walk, they till and fly alongside you. Notice the messages they seem to send along with them. Notice the energy that they seem to be spreading around you.

They are the guides to that beautiful special place. They speak of beauty and wisdom as well as transformation processes that now have started and are going on, on that path.

As we are walking on, notice that in front of us there is a big gate. It is a beautiful gate made of some kind of metal that welcomes us to that special place. Just before the gate, the dragonflies stop as it is only for us to continue. We walk pass the gate and now that we are on the other side, notice how subtle the energy becomes around you. Feel the change in energies. It is almost as if we are surrounded by clouds. The first cloud goes all around your body, cleansing your aura so that as we step out of it, it seems to cleanse it and we feel lighter and slightly more expansive. We walk easier, our back feels straighter; our shoulders seem to be going down and backwards, proud to support that which you are now.

We step into the next cloud which is a slightly different colour. Mine looks a little bit blue, a turquoise blue. And as we step through that colour, it seems to cleanse the level of our emotional aura. Our head feels lighter and clearer. Our heart seems to beat evenly and we can breath deeper and easier as this cloud seems to go deeper in to our body, cleansing all the energies around us, slowly reaching within us.

And as we step on to the next cloud, which seems to be smaller and more intense, with a slight pink colour to it… as you step through it, it feels as a cotton ball attached to our face, our body. Feel how it cleanses your inner organs, the tissues, your muscles. It feels as if we are soaking in lovely warm milk. It cleanses away all negativities, fears, anxieties and worries that penetrate our body in various shapes and forms. It cleanses and soothes it away, smoothing your tissues, making you feel whole and complete; taking away pain and worry, leaving you calm, relaxed, happy and content.

As we walk out of this cloud there is a tree and a bench in front of us on the banks of a river. We walk towards that bench and we sit down, looking out at the river. We seem to be shrouded in a mist, the tree bending above us protecting us, looking after us like a personal guardian. As you sit there enjoying your peace and calmness, become aware of somebody sitting next to you. This person came all the way specially to see you. It may be somebody you know or perhaps it is your guide or angel, or maybe somebody you do not know; but he came to talk to you.

Feel the emotions they bring with them. Listen to your heart and sense their words. Speak to them and listen to what they’ve got to say.

Observe the river in front of you as the words you heard ricochet in your mind and body. Notice the clarity that it brings in front of you. The mist that was shrouding the river is fading, leaving clarity behind it. It might be a small spot or maybe it cleared the whole section. What’s important is to remember that we are looked after, guided and protected at all times; especially in times when we cannot see or understand clearly what happens in our lives.

The tree is bending lower and as the wind shifts the branches, something falls into your hands from the tree. Notice what this object is. This is a gift from the person you spoke to. Think about the meaning of it to you, what it symbolizes. Thank them for their help and advice.

We are now going back towards the gate. The clouds are no longer there and we can clearly go through the gate. As you pass the gate, notice the smell or the colours or the flowers that are there especially for you.

On the way back, notice the various animals on your way. There are ants busily walking next to your feet. They carry immense burdens and they are very patient, working towards their goals, never failing, even when the task seems to be much more beyond they can do, they achieve it. Perhaps we can learn from these animals and take on the medicine and the help they suggest to us by their mere existence.

Notice the colours you see on the sides of the road as you walk. The flowers and the path – does it feel smooth or pebbly, difficult to walk or easy? Feel as you walk on whether there is something you wish to release. Visualize yourself taking off the coat with all you wish to release with it. Take it off; leave it on the side of the road. And as you are taking it off and leaving it, it turns to dust, disintegrating into the road so that you feel lighter and more confident in yourself.

Keep breathing deeply, feeling the energy circulating in your body. Feel from your throat little clouds of words appear. As they appear notice that words are falling one by one into your palm – three words. Know that they read the meaning for you; the message that came from within yourself and waited there to be acknowledged.

And as we walk back to the door from where we came, feel the energy smoothing down; feel your breathing going much shorter than before. And as we start walking up back on the steps, become aware of your sitting position. Remain connected to the spirit, to the energy and also become aware of your body, the chair and the room in which you sit. In your own time, open your eyes and come back. Give yourself time to settle back

I hope you enjoyed the journey today and I hope you got much more energized from it. See you next week.

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1 July 2011.
© Gil and Natalie Dekel.