Led by Natalie Dekel (MPhil), Reiki Master/Teacher, on Friday 19 Nov 2010, 9.30pm GMT (livestream 8).

To start the meditation, please sit comfortably. Find a space where you can relax. Begin the meditation by closing your eyes and paying attention to your breathing. Our breathing helps us focus on the inner space and release tension, worries and disruptive energy that flows on the outside; at the external layers of our being.


As you take deep breaths, the energy starts flowing down into your body, from the head down to your toes and back into the universe. Feel, with every breath, more and more energy cascading down; through your head, your shoulder, down to your chest, down through the stomach; calming and soothing all organs. Through the Dantien, the core of your being (which is about an inch and a half from your belly button) and out into the universe.

Feel yourself relax. Feel the tension in the muscles releasing. Feel the skin of you scalp relaxing, the jaws relaxing. The tongue doesn’t touch the roof of your mouth. Your shoulders drop down. The muscles in your back, the trapeze muscles all relax. You find yourself soothing down all muscles, focusing just on your breathing. If thoughts come in, just let them pass. Don’t stop to talk to them; just observe them and let them go.

As you find yourself more and more relaxed, allow your breathing to become deeper and deeper until you feel at one with the universe; that rhythm that makes your heart beat, the blood flow through your veins, your eyes sparkle and your hair grow. Just be that being that you call yourself. It’s very important to remember to be at one with your being. We’re often so busy doing other things that we forget to be.

Now visualize a beautiful light cascading down like a shower of light from above; almost like fireworks of light, cascading down in and around you – sparkles and beautiful balls of light illuminating every pore of your being.

This light has a beautiful pale blue colour like the light colour of the sea; nice warm Mediterranean sea. This beautiful blue light is flowing into your body, enveloping your being with this lovely blue light. With every breath you take, it flows and envelops you with love and protection. Feel how it adjusts your chakras to flow in synchronicity and harmony. Feel how it soothes any nervous and thoughtful-tension and anxiety. It just leaves you calm, quiet and still; a beautiful warm colour that washes away any negativity that has been there all week; any emotional upset, leaving you nice and calm.

If it sees any negativity, it bounces off like a firework, sparkling away, burning away that tension, soothing any knots. Allow yourself to bask in this beautiful light. And as you feel yourself enjoying this colour, feel it sweeping over your body, down to your toes and out of your body taking away all that you no longer need on an emotional level.

The light and the energy continue to pour from above but this time, it changes colours. It shifts to a beautiful pink colour; maybe slight tinge, pink and green together. If you prefer the green and you feel green is pouring down on you then that is your colour. If you prefer, and have a tendency to the pink, then this is the colour you need… perhaps both.

This lovely colour flows down from the top of your head into your body making your body smile, relax, and unfold itself like a flower in the sunshine. Allow this lovely energy to pour into your body. It goes to a much higher vibration and it touches these areas that the other energies could not touch. These areas are the hormonal energies and down to the small molecular changes. It balances your body, leaving the Ying and the Yang part of your being in harmony.

The energy flows around your eyes down towards the lymphatic system, making your blood circulation flow freely, and your body sing with the being of life and joy. Feel the positive emotions surging with this colour. The body breathes-in hope; breathes-in joy, feeling relaxed, knowing yourself, your worth and your value as who you truly are.

Bask in the colour. Allow it to soak into your body to where it needs to go and flow, taking away all the baggage that is no longer needed, any negativity that might have been in the body… any tension.

The energy continues to pour down. This time, it’s a beautiful deep red energy, deep velvet red, almost maroon colour, flowing down gently and soothingly. It’s a different energy, heavier like a cloak. It buzzes around you, enveloping and protecting you reminding you that your body is as important as your emotions and you soul, as your thoughts… and giving it its due, the weight of remembering, that is as important as anything else – perhaps even more because the body is a tool that allows you to manifest your being as a spiritual being inside the body.

Allow this energy to cascade down and go to those areas that need help and support. And as this energy continues to flow out of your feet, I want you to visualize a door in front of you. We are going to approach that door and as we cross the threshold, we enter a beautiful space where we meet our guide. We go on a journey to the place where we’ve been once before – the valley of life. We first cross the valley with its beautiful field around us. We can see some mountains far away. The grass is soft and fresh under our feet. The wind gently moves the flowers and the trees on our way, touching our face, playing with our hair…

And as we walk down the field, we see a beautiful big tree in the middle of the field. Take your time to approach that tree. Notice what you feel, and what you experience on the way. There are some birds singing in the sky, some trees you notice on your right and on your left. Perhaps pay attention to the guide whom you chose to come with you on that journey. Is it someone you know? Perhaps somebody you love; perhaps someone who has passed and now comes to look after you and support you.

As we finally reach the tree, we see that it is a bog, old oak tree; a huge oak tree. We stand next to it under the beautiful crown of its branches and we feel that energy is coming from it, the energy of strength. We stand straight next to the roots of the tree and we feel the strength and the energy through our feet going up into our body.

As we continue to breathe in that energy, it feels as if perhaps we have become a tree. During our everyday life, we are bombarded with thoughts and emotions, those of our own and those of other people. Imagine you can see your body in an energy way; as if you see it on a computer so that all we see instead of our body is layers upon layers of a body of light; different gradations of energies, like a rainbow folded into itself.

Visualize now all these different energies that bounce to that field from other people. It’s like being attacked by meteorites; a continuous pummelling of others, of other energies, others’ thoughts, other emotions. If we are not focused on our inner being and our strength, look what happens? These energies begin to erode our being, getting into the core of our rainbow-being and affecting it. It feels more shrunk and miserable because it allows others to influence who it is.

So as we stand there, as a being of light under that beautiful tree that gives us strength, we’re breathing this strength and we remember who we are; that we are the body of light, we are a being of light.

We are now going to visualize a film; a little film where we are going to see one thing about ourselves that we love most. It might be something simple like our ability to choose colours for clothes we want to wear or for decorating the house. It might be our ability to fix little things when needed or perhaps something that you’re really good at and perhaps no one else knows about it. Perhaps your ability to remember numbers, or write beautifully, or remember dates and information that others consider insignificant. What’s most important is that you find that something that you love about yourself and visualize yourself doing that something you love in that little film, inside that body of light, as if it is on a little screen.

Feel the feeling you feel when you see yourself doing that something you love. Feel the corners of your mouth lifting up in joy and happiness because you do that something you love and the lightness of being that enters when you do that something you love.

Now we’re going to reverse that little film back and think about another something you love about yourself; something that really makes you happy. Perhaps you love to listen to some music, or be somewhere you love to be. Watch it unfolding again in the film… Feel how wonderful you feel, how light. Look at the faces of those around you in your daily life who would notice that you do something you love and that it makes you happy. Feel the energy that empowers you when you do this.

We are now going to rewind that little film yet again, and you are going to do one more thing that you really love doing – perhaps walking your dog, sitting on a bench on a nice day. Watch yourself in that empowering experience you so love doing.

Now, feel this feeling of power and energy that fills your being with these experiences combined. Combine the emotions that you saw in the three films.

The energy of the tree fills you up with strength, and you remember now your own being; your own strength and core of being. As the energy continues to cascade, you are empowered, and remember to be who you are at all times.

If we look not at the body of light that is still standing there under the tree, we will see that although the energies from outside continue to fly around, the body of light has grown so strong that they are now insignificant. What used to be almost threatening – an attack, is now merely like a scratch or a little mosquito zooming around; they are not important. They are nothing that can affect us, because our being is so strong and powerful now. Because our light shows them what their light is; because we are here to empower and enlighten ourselves and others. The stronger the light within, the stronger we can affect others because that beautiful light is shining from within, outwards into the universe, sharing our love to do and be who we really want to be.

Notice how big this body of light has become – almost as tall as the tree, perhaps even, touching the branches. Feel the energy cascading around, your own energy, like a shimmering rainbow of lights and colours. Feel the beautiful, cascading energy that flows from within outwardly, almost as if you have become a sun or the source of light to others.

Now we are the ones that give the strength to the tree. We are the light to which the leaves are turning, absorbing the joy and the love and the amazing potential to be who you truly are.

And as we go down to become aware of our physical body, perhaps our energy now becomes less physical; the strength and the presence is there. We now walk out from under that tree, still feeling that energy pulsating in and around us.

Near the tree we notice a river. On one side of the river just where we are, there’s a bench overlooking it. If you decide to sit on it, you can have a little chat with the guide who came with you on that journey. Perhaps there’s something they want to tell you or give you, or perhaps you want to share something with them.

As you sit near the river, notice how the water flows swiftly away. If there’s something that burdens you or something you want to get rid of on emotional level or physical, allow yourself to pour it into the water so it is swiftly carried away, cleansing you, cleansing that energy, leaving you just pulsating with that strength of being and your amazing presence as a being of light. It also leaves us with great appreciation for life and for those skills that we were given. We were given at birth many talents and it is up to us which ones we choose to develop and what we choose to become. It is this choice that makes us the true being of light and shows the strength of our own being and of free will to be who we want to be.

We now continue down to the field, feeling the grass under our feet again, passing the birds and the trees, going back to that threshold. As we come out, we slowly go up till we slowly reach back the room where you sit. We thank the guides sincerely for coming with us and supporting us.

In your own time, become aware of the place where you sit, of how your back touches the chair or the sofa. Feel how the breath feels in your body and how that body feels the energy of the experience. In your own time, open your eyes and come back to the room where you are now.

Thank you very much for joining the meditation today. I hope you will remember yourself as a much stronger being, unaffected by anyone or anything around you.

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